Writing and Quantitative Skills Support

As part of the intensive in-class component of the program, you will be provided with additional writing and quantitative skills workshops designed to support your success in the program. Assistance will also be available to draw upon on an ‘as needed’ basis throughout the program.

Business Communications - Writing Skills

This component  is designed for strengthening skills needed to undertake graduate level writing. This course will introduce you to each stage of the experienced writer’s process—inventing, drafting and revising—and teach you to overcome procrastination, generate ideas, draft quickly, revise effectively and communicate clearly.

Business Communications - Excel

This workshop will focus on the use of Excel in Accounting and Financial Management, such as budgets and financial statements.

Business Communications - Quantitative Skills

The workshop is designed for students to brush-up on their math skills for higher level quantitative courses, particularly if you wish to refresh your skills after several years away from mathematics. Topics will include an in-depth look at mathematical reasoning, problem solving and math study skills. It will review fundamental topics and concepts of mathematics and their real-world applications. This course aims to develop students' math study skills, confidence in their quantitative abilities, and understand how mathematics is one of the keys to mastering other disciplines, and useful in everyday situations.

aemba support

At a Glance

  • 12 credits per semester
  • 33 months
  • Downtown Vancouver
  • Cost: $54,000*
  • *Subject to Board of Governors approval.

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