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Dean of Business Blaize Horner Reich
Associate Dean, Faculty Development & Research Judy Zaichkowsky
Assistant Dean, External Relations Kirk Hill

Undergraduate Program, Burnaby and Surrey

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Program Andrew Gemino
Executive Director Casey Dorin
Coordinator, Undergraduate Programs Marissa Funaro
Coordinator, Surrey Campus
Sean McKenna
Manager, Student Engagement and Recruitment  Rosanne Ng
Cooperative Education Program Manager Shauna Tonsaker

Graduate Programs, Vancouver and Surrey

Associate Dean, Graduate Programs Ian McCarthy
Executive Director Melissa McCrae
Executive MBA, Academic Director Jan Simon
Master of Business Administration, Academic Director Jan Simon
Master of Science in Finance, Academic Director Jan Simon
MBA in Management of Technology, Academic Director Michael Johnson
Part Time Master of Business Administration, Academic Director Dianne Cyr
Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Academic Director Tom Brown
Ph.D. Program, Academic Director Peter Klein
EMBA in Aboriginal Business and Leadership, Academic Director Mark Selman
Associate Director, EMBA in Aboriginal Business and Leadership Ulrike Radermacher
Manager, Recruitment and Admissions
Sharon Hummel
Coordinator, Admissions
Terry Chui
Coordinator, Program Management
Stephanie Reimer
Coordinator, Learning & Technology
Valerie Zuccolo

Executive Education

Executive Director Kristina Henriksson

Career Management Centre

Director, Employer Relations Christine Sjolander
Director, Student Relations & Programming Klara Sinclair
Director, Undergraduate Careers Nancy Fournier