Sample Course Planners

First Term (Fall) Sample Plan

Course Notes
BUS 201 (mandatory)
Introduction to Business
This mandatory course includes an introduction to opportunities and support services on campus, a team project, and your first Business Career Passport workshop.
MATH 157 (or MATH 150/151/154)
Calculus I
Math 157 is designed for business/social sciences students.
ENGL/PHIL/WL Required course These course options will enhance your writing and critical thinking skills.
Elective Course We recommend taking 3 to 4 courses in your first term to ease the transition to university. You may choose not to take an elective course this term.

Second Term (Spring) Sample Plan

Course Notes
BUS 272
Behavior in Organizations
This is an introductory course on organizational behaviour with an emphasis on individuals and teams.
ECON 103 / ECON 105
Principles of Microeconomics / Principles of Macroeconomics
These courses will introduce you to small-scale and large-scale economic principles, respectively.
ENGL/PHIL/WL required course Choose one of the courses to begin filling your writing (W) requirements.
Elective Course Get started on filling your elective (non-business courses) requirements.

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