Minor Admission

Impress employers by adding a Beedie Business Minor to your current major or minor program at SFU. This competitive program is designed for students like you who want to establish a basic foundation in business principles to complement your major. The Business Minor consists of a minimum of 38 units of coursework.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

This information is for current SFU students who are:

  • currently in a SFU Faculty other than Beedie
  • applying for the Fall 2017 to Summer 2018 admission terms

1. Meet the Beedie School of Business Academic Requirements

Admission to the Business Minor Program:

Students seeking admission to the Business Minor program are required to meet ALL of the following admission requirements:

  1. Admission to SFU
  2. Admission to a SFU Faculty other than the Beedie School of Business prior to application to the Business Minor.

  3. Must be in Good Academic Standing
  5. Business Minor Admission Average
  6. Attain a competitive admission average on the 5 required courses (see section D).
    Use the GPA Calculator to help you determine your average.

    Previous Term’s Business Minor Admission Average: 2.53 GPA

  7. Required Courses for Admission
  8. Complete the following 5* required courses. These courses are also used to calculate the Business Minor admission average:

    • BUS 237-3 Introduction to Technology Management
    • BUS 251-3 Financial Accounting I
    • BUS 272-3 Behavior in Organizations
    • ECON 103-4 Principles of Microeconomics

    One of**:

    • ECON 105-4 Principles of Macroeconomics
    • ENGL 101W-3 Introduction to Fiction or ENGL 111W-3 Literary Classics in English (New Number Fall 2016)
    • ENGL 102W-3 Introduction to Poetry or ENGL 112W-3 Literature Now (New Number Fall 2016)
    • ENGL 103W-3 Introduction to Drama or ENGL 113W-3 Literature and Performance (New Number Fall 2016)
    • ENGL 104W-3 Introduction to Prose Genres or ENGL 114W-3 Language and Purpose (New Number Fall 2016)
    • ENGL 105W-3 Introduction to Literature and Culture or ENGL 115W-3 Literature and Culture (New Number Fall 2016)
    • ENGL 199W-3 Introduction to University Writing
    • PHIL XX1-3 Critical Thinking or PHIL 105-3 Critical Thinking (New Number Fall 2016)
    • PHIL 100W-3 Knowledge and Reality
    • PHIL 120W-3 Moral Problems
    • WL 101W-3 Writing About Literature
    • WL 103W-3 Pre-Modern World Literature
    • WL 104W-3 Modern World Literature

    *NOTE: BUS 200-3 (Business Fundamentals) & BUS 233-3 (Introduction to Business Law and Ethics) are not required for admission, even though these courses are listed as part of the lower division requirements for graduation. Students are encouraged to take BUS 200-3 before attempting any lower division business courses in order to gain foundational knowledge.

    ** Any of these courses may be replaced by any three unspecified transfer units in English or in ENGL-Writing at the 100- or 200-level.

  9. Number of Repeats Allowed in Admission Calculation:
  10. Of the required courses noted in section D above, only 2 of these 5 courses may be repeated.

    If more than 2 of the 5 required courses for admission have been repeated, the best 2 repeated courses will be used in the Business admission average calculation. Subsequent repeated, required courses would be evaluated based on the letter grade achieved on the first attempt at the course.

  11. Minimum Grade in each of the Required Courses:
  12. A minimum C- (C minus) grade is required in each of the required courses noted in section D, which complies with graduation requirements outlined in the SFU Calendar.

2. Apply to the Business Minor Online

Apply for admission to the Business Minor* either once you have completed or during the term in which you are completing the 5 lower division courses for admission**.

NOTE: Once applications have closed for the current term, you will not be able to apply late.

Internal Transfer Application Periods:

Fall Entry (September) May 15 - June 15
Spring Entry (January) September 15 - October 15
Summer Entry (May) January 15 - February 15

*A confirmation email will be sent upon the successful receipt of your application. Please ensure to save this confirmation email for reference. Questions? please contact the undergraduate advising office at: busadmit@sfu.ca

**A separate application is required for admission to the Business Major program or a Business Joint Major program. Students considering applying to both the Major/Joint Major and the Minor program should apply through the Major/Joint program application and select the option to be considered for Minor admission as a second choice program on the application form.  See the Internal Transfer requirements for details on applying to the Business Major program or a Business Joint Major program.

3. Post-Admission to the Business Program: Next Steps

Upon admission into the Business Minor program, a formal letter will be issued by email.

*NOTE: Should you receive admission to the Business Minor but decide you wish to pursue the Business Major or a Business Joint Major program instead, you must reapply for admissions to the Business Major/Joint Major program and meet the entrance requirements for the term in which you reapply.

Business Minor Next Steps

STEP 1: Business Minor students must complete BUS 200-3 Business Fundamentals either before or in the same term that they enroll in any 300-level Business Minor course.

  • → TIP: take Bus 200 first to get introduced to Business, then work on the 5 required courses for admission.

STEP 2: Check out the Business Minor Course Planner and connect with one of our helpful undergraduate academic advisors.

Do you have questions? Contact one of our helpful undergraduate academic advisors.