Bruce Beh
Transfer Student

Program: Business Minor

SFU undergraduate student Bruce Beh is mindful that the combination of his School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) major and his Beedie School of Business minor offers him a unique perspective with which to approach problems – one that could lead to him starting his own web design business in the future.

A long-time interest in entrepreneurship inspired Bruce to add business to the design skills he was learning through his SIAT education. The knowledge he has gained from the two disciplines has so far worked well in tandem. He believes that the two skillsets will be the differentiator when it comes to setting himself apart from other job candidates in future.

“I have always enjoyed entrepreneurship – I like the thought of being able to start my own business – and my SIAT education allows me to develop my creative abilities,” he says. “In a lot of my SIAT classes we look at designing for a business or the value proposition for a client, and that leads directly into what I am learning through my business classes. My business and SIAT education go hand in hand – my business knowledge complements my design skills perfectly.”

Bruce’s entrepreneurial talents were evident from a young age. While he was still in high school he founded, a website hosting provider which services approximately 150 clients today. He also works on a freelance basis for a number of clients performing website design and development.

His engagement with the SFU community has seen him work for two years with CaseIT, an annual student-run international undergraduate business case competition focused on Management Information Systems. Initially working as a creative executive, Bruce enjoyed the experience so much he returned as Director of Technology.

He also participated for several years in SIAT Frosh, welcoming new students to the SIAT program. As event chair, he worked with other members of the organizing committee to organize the 2014 welcome event.

“Experiences like CaseIT and SIAT Frosh were new and refreshing experiences for me, working with and leading different types of people with varying skillsets,” he says. “I learned a lot from both, and the experiences have definitely enhanced my skillset and leadership skills significantly.”

With a goal of entering a career in web design or development, Bruce is confident that his SIAT and Beedie education will stand him in good stead in the future.

“My business minor has given me real world experience that I may have missed out on if I had been limited to one faculty,” he says. “It’s important to expose yourself to these real world situations that are different to anything you can learn in a textbook.”