Business Joint Majors & Honours

Business Joint Major Options: Fall 2015 - Summer 2016

Seek out opportunities to differentiate yourself as you journey through your undergraduate degree and prepare to enter the job market. At SFU you can choose from seven different Joint Majors that combine Business Administration with another discipline. Student can either choose to receive a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) credential, or the joint faculty's degree upon completion, with the exception of the Joint Major with Molecular Biology and Biochemistry that results in a Bachelor of Science. For details on each joint major, please see the checklist below and refer to the SFU Calendar.

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Interested in pursuing a Business Joint Major option? Contact a Business Undergraduate Advisor, and the Undergraduate Advisor of the joint Faculty or Department.

Honours: Fall 2015 - Summer 2016

Excel in your studies so that you take more away from your undergraduate degree. Students who challenge themselves to maintain high academic standings are provided with further opportunities to bolster their resumes and become more competitive in the job market. Exceed expectations by completing an Honours degree.

An Honours degree is comprised of 132 units; 12 units more than a traditional degree. Business Major students may be eligible for a variety of Honours programs offered through the Beedie School of Business. For more details on the Honours programs available, please see the checklists below and refer to the SFU Calendar.

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