Major / Business Foundation Program

Business Major - Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The Beedie School of Business offers students the opportunity to tailor their studies to align with their interests and desires through several components of the BBA Business Major program:

Lower Division Courses - Introductory courses taken in the student's first and second year and usually completed within the first 60 credit hours. Some of these courses are prerequisite requirements for courses to be taken in your third and fourth year.

Business Core Courses & Areas of Concentration Courses - Upper division business courses (300+ and 400+ level) taken in your third and fourth year, including courses required for your specific concentration(s). These courses are usually completed within the last 60 credits of your degree.

Further Degree Requirements:

Business Career Passport - A career preparation program exclusively designed for Beedie students; comprised of six two-hour workshops required for graduation and optional one-on-one career advising sessions.

Non-Business/Non-Buec Requirements - Completion of electives that may also fulfill the SFU Writing, Quantitative & Breadth (WQB) requirements.

SFU Writing, Quantitative & Breadth (WQB) Requirements - All students admitted to an undergraduate degree at SFU beginning Fall 2006- onwards must complete a minimum of 36 units of coursework designated as Writing, Quantitative, or Breadth.

Business Major Sample Course Plan

Degree Planner (Graduation Check)

Plan out your degree! The following requirements are for students approved in a Business Major program admitted:

Fall 2014 - Summer 2015

Fall 13 - Summer 14
Fall 12 - Summer 13
Fall 11 - Summer 12
Fall 10 - Summer 11
Fall 09 - Summer 10
Fall 08 - Summer 09
Fall 07 - Summer 08
Fall 06 - Summer 07
Fall 03 - Summer 06

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