Alisha Lee. BASS Mentor. FROSH Leader and Director. JDC West Competitor. Social Coach and VP of Events. Vancouver Board of Trade Mentee. Community Outreach Committee Volunteer.

Alisha Lee
Concentrations: Marketing and HR

Like many incoming high school students, Alisha Lee felt a bit uncertain in her first year at SFU Beedie. But she soon found her home.

“The sense of community spoke to me,” says Alisha. “I feel like I found my calling when I got involved in FROSH and JDC West.” Over the years, Alisha has served as a FROSH Leader three times and has been a competitor and coach for JDC West.

Alisha entered Beedie with her sights set on actuarial accounting but soon realized that it was not right for her. She eventually narrowed her choices down to human resources and marketing. “I couldn’t decide between the two but after talking to my peers and alumni, I realized I didn’t have to choose. I could do both. It’s even better actually because HR and marketing complement each other so well,” says Alisha.

“It was during my first year that I heard a piece of advice that I really took to heart – ‘be curious.’ It leads you to ask questions, to explore,” she explains. “These are the years to challenge yourself, to make mistakes even. The staff and faculty are incredibly supportive.”

Alisha’s friendly personality and desire to help others feel at home led her to volunteer as a BASS Mentor. “Many students can still feel a bit lost in their first year. BASS is a bit like an extension of FROSH to help those students find their place,” says Alisha, who mentored two students. “They were amazing mentees and we still remain very close friends.”

After she graduates this June, Alisha plans to take some time to travel in Europe and Southeast Asia and perhaps even work abroad. She intends to pursue a career in fashion, combining her marketing and HR expertise with her love of garments. “Working in fashion retail has helped me realize how much I love the industry – the fast-paced environment really motivates and challenges me.”

Even though she hasn’t left SFU Beedie just yet, Alisha is already looking forward to returning as an alumna to mentor and help out the next generation of Beedie students. “A lot of graduates come back as alumni coaches for JDC West, and they want to come back because of the supportive environment – the community. I can’t wait.”

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