Michiko Araki. Two-time All-American wrestler. Project Manager for ENACTUS SFU, teaching financial literacy to young mothers. Completed exchange at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.

Michiko Araki
North Vancouver/Kumamoto, Japan
Concentration: Marketing and HR

Since Michiko Araki arrived at the Beedie School of Business she hasn’t just been performing in the classroom. She has also grappled her way to success on the wrestling mat, and has emerged as one of the top young female wrestlers in the country.

Michiko is a national-level amateur wrestler, competing with the SFU Women’s Wrestling team. She began wrestling in high school at Carson Graham secondary in North Vancouver, winning three provincial titles and three national titles.

Since coming to the Beedie School of Business she has been named as an All-American on two occasions, and has been a varsity athlete at SFU for three years.

“I was really involved in wrestling in high school, where I won several national titles. I knew SFU had the best wrestling program in Canada, but I also knew the reputation of the Beedie School of Business. Although wrestling was an important factor in my decision, I knew that my education was most important. As I wanted to pursue a business degree, the choice was clear to me. It’s a decision I’m pleased to say has paid off.”

Despite a rigorous training regime that often requires her to train twice a day, Michiko has not been careful not to restrict her Beedie experience solely to the classroom and the gym.

In addition to working as Logistics Coordinator for SFU’s Elite Case Competition in 2011, Michiko has crammed two co-op semesters into her Beedie experience, working as Marketing, HR, and Special Projects Assistant for the SFU Science, Environment & Health Sciences Co-operative Education program.

She also took full advantage of the exchange opportunities available at the Beedie School of Business, spending a semester studying at the Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi in Milan, Italy.

“There are so many opportunities for students at Beedie that I always strived to make sure I maximized my experience. You will find yourself busy, but it’s worth it – any opportunities you take will just enhance your experience.”

One of her most fulfilling roles saw her take up the role of co-project manager for the Money Management program at ENACTUS SFU, the SFU chapter of the global student organization that addresses social, environmental and economics needs in the community.

The program focuses on teaching financial literacy to high school students, and in particular, to teenage mothers. As co-project manager, Michiko not only visited the high schools to teach the workshops, but was also responsible for recruiting and training other presenters.

“I had always been afraid of public speaking, but I gained a lot of confidence with ENACTUS when presenting the workshops and was able to overcome that. Teaching the students was enlightening, and seeing how eager they were to learn financial literacy skills was an enriching experience.”

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