Naqib Azad. President and co-founder of Social Entrepreneurship SFU. Passionate about social innovation. Tackling social issues and poverty in his home country of Kenya.

Naqib Azad
Nakuru, Kenya
Concentration: International Business

When Naqib Azad made the decision to leave his hometown of Nakuru, Kenya and come to Canada to study for his undergraduate degree, the reputation and curriculum of the Beedie School of Business appealed to him from afar.

“I knew in high school that I wanted to study business,” he says. “My family runs its own business, and business is in my blood, and is something I am passionate about. The Beedie School of Business has exceeded my expectations.”

Naqib has used his experience at Beedie to nurture a passion for social entrepreneurship – and has big plans to use his newfound skills in the fight against poverty in developing countries.

Naqib is the founder and president of Social Entrepreneurship SFU, a business club at Simon Fraser University that empowers students to use their academic knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to the benefit of their community and raise awareness of social entrepreneurship.

In his role as club president, Naqib is responsible for creating the club’s vision and direction, and overseeing the executive team. In addition he leads the team responsible for organizing the club’s signature event, the Social Innovation Case Competition (SICC), an annual undergraduate case competition focusing on social innovation that addresses pressing social issues. Under Naqib’s guidance, this annual event has grown into a signature event on the Beedie calendar.

“Working with Social Entrepreneurship SFU has been an amazing experience, not just for the good work we are able to do for communities, but also for the opportunities it presents to its members,” he says. “We have successfully facilitated networking, where members meet a lot of new students, faculty members and professionals in industry. Participation in the club is not just a great way to build our community – we also build great connections, make new friends and foster long term relationships.”

Naqib’s vision for Social Entrepreneurship SFU is to evolve into a vibrant, active club that encourages students to consider social issues as they pursue their business ventures. His hope is for the club to provide a platform for students to engage with local professionals involved in social innovation enterprises, and learn firsthand what social entrepreneurship really means.

However, Naqib does not want to limit his social innovation involvement to Vancouver communities, and plans to use the knowledge he has gained from the Beedie School of Business to broaden his reach internationally, including encouraging social entrepreneurship in his home country.

“Coming from Kenya I have witnessed a lot of social issues which are common to many developing countries – poverty, famine, drought, and health related issues adversely impacting communities” he says. “The opportunities and education I have derived from the Beedie School of Business have given me insights into tackling social issues, and I hope to use that knowledge for the benefit of affected communities in my home country and elsewhere.”

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