Ben Hellner.
Co-founder, Beedie Protégé program. Vice-President of Internal Operations, BASS. Beedie Ambassador. International exchange in Paris. Global case competitor.

Ben Hellner
Concentration: Operations Management, Finance and MIS

From a young age, Ben Hellner had always wanted to be a doctor. That is, until he decided to take some undergraduate business classes at the Beedie School of Business. From that moment on, his sights were firmly set on a career in business.

Ben had always harboured hopes of one day starting his own business in the medical field, so decided that a business background would be beneficial in his career. The business classes he took to supplement his future career in medicine, however, ultimately defined his career trajectory.

“When I took some classes at the Beedie School of Business I realized how much I loved the business aspect of things more than I loved medicine,” says Ben. “Whenever I thought about being a doctor I focused more and more on the business plan behind it.”

Once his education path had been mapped out, Ben soon became involved in the myriad of extra curricular activities on offer at the Beedie School. He first took a position as Vice-President of Corporate Relations at SFU’s International Business Association before joining Business Administration Student Society (BASS) as Vice-President of Internal Operations.

It was while working with BASS that Ben co-founded two programs: the Beedie Olympics – a one-day event that builds community amongst business clubs and students through friendly athletic competition – and the Beedie Protégé program – a series of workshops that provide students with the essential hands-on skills required to be successful in student organization positions.

“The Beedie Protégé program was a result of my co-founders and I wanting to create a pipeline to help make the student clubs at Beedie more sustainable in the future,” he says. “After the effort that individuals had put into all of us to develop our leadership skills, we wanted to try and give back to the school and build the next generation of leaders.”

Ben has also participated in international exchange to Paris – an experience that he cites as having noticeably changed him for the better – and last year became a Beedie Ambassador, a group of students who represent the School at a variety of networking events and leadership development opportunities.

More recently, Ben has put a competitive slant on his experiential learning by focusing on Case Competitions. After participating in the Beedie Case Competition Cohort – an eight-week intensive training program that imparts the necessary skills for students to compete at national and international level competitions – he became one of the first international students to compete at the invitation-only International Business Case Competition hosted by the University of Otago in New Zealand.

“I have learned a lot from representing my school at events and case competitions, and it has been an honour doing so,” he says. “It’s very humbling to look back over the last four years and see how much Beedie has changed me. It’s exciting to think about what the future now holds.”

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