Brandon Ling. Internship with adidas, Germany. Field placement in Berlin. International exchange in Copenhagen, Denmark. TED volunteer. FROSH Chair. JDC West competitor. Beedie Ambassador. platFORM program participant. Social innovator. International explorer extraordinaire.

Brandon Ling
Port Moody
Concentration: Marketing and Finance

Brandon Ling’s Beedie experience is undoubtedly the envy of many students. With international experiences in Scotland, Denmark, and Germany to accompany his work experience at globally renowned brands such as TED and adidas, Brandon has had a chance to put his learning into practice in some enviable environments.

In his most recent internship at the Herzogenaurach, Germany global headquarters of adidas, Brandon is engaged with several projects surrounding digital marketing planning, including working cross-functionally to develop and maintain a global Omni-channel content calendar in order to provide the consumer with a seamless and consistent adidas experience.

“Our aim is to create a consistent brand experience across all our digital channels,” says Brandon. “In my role, I talk to different business units and we try to understand what their campaigns and stories are for the season. The experience has been amazing – I had to be persistent to get the job, but working for a brand I am passionate about is very rewarding.”

The adidas internship was not Brandon’s first international experience, however, having first studied abroad for a semester during an international exchange in Copenhagen, Denmark. The semester – which Brandon describes as one of the most amazing experiences of his life – saw him both live and study alongside Danish students, and fully immersed him in the Danish culture.

After his exchange Brandon then participated in a field school in Berlin, where he was part of a team studying the strategy of retail stores in the city. The research Brandon’s team conducted was then relayed back to a retail store in Vancouver, after Beedie Marketing Professor Judy Zaichkowsky made the connection.

“Our team looked for best practices on reaching the consumer through retail touch points, and then performed a case study and made recommendations based on our findings to the store in Vancouver,” says Brandon. “It was really cool working on a school project in a different country and seeing how it compares to back home. The entire experience was very educational, and was a real highlight.”

Brandon has also been involved with TED on two occasions, first in Edinburgh, Scotland and then in Vancouver. Working on the Edinburgh event saw him collaborate with volunteers from Vancouver, the US, and the UK. Having performed his role admirably, Brandon was invited to get involved with TED 2014 and TED 2015 when he returned home.

“Having seen behind the scenes of TED I can’t imagine the amount of work that goes into making the event happen,” says Brandon. “It’s crazy to think about how many pieces affect other parts of the process – the entire event is like a puzzle. It was great to gain experience working on such a huge event, and being exposed to such a fast-paced environment.”

Brandon’s student experience has not focused entirely on foreign shores. Closer to home he has been actively engaged in the Beedie community: he acted as Chair of BASS FROSH, an event that helps first year business students segue from high school to university life; competed on the SFU team for JDC West, the largest student-run business case competition in Western Canada; and has acted as a Beedie Ambassador, a group of students that represent the School at a variety of high-profile events.

His engagement has also touched on social innovation. As a co-founder of Supplies on Demand, a project borne out of the BUS 361 Project Management class, Brandon and his team mates set out to provide an inner city elementary school class with one semester’s worth of supplies. Through a combination of sponsorship and fund raising, the team surpassed their goal, and was ultimately able to provide the class with a full year’s worth of supplies.

Within the classroom, Brandon has also been a beneficiary of Beedie’s innovative interdisciplinary partnerships and focus on experiential learning. He participated in platFORM, a collaborative product development class for design and business students from Emily Carr and SFU. Working with an industrial designer and an interactive designer, Brandon created a social adaptation that would connect people locally in real time.

“The platFORM program brings together students with a wide range of skills and combines the individual strengths,” says Brandon. “The entire collaborative process – exploring, researching and brainstorming – was really enlightening. Programs like this were what I valued most during my undergraduate journey. It was unique, hands on, and aimed at making an impact.”

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