David Chapman . BASS Executive. Beedie Ambassador. International Case Competitor. PWC Associate.

David Chapman
Concentration: Accounting and Finance

When recent BBA undergraduate David Chapman wasn’t busy with courses, he juggled an executive role at Beedie’s student-led Business Administration Student Society (BASS) with training for case competitions. Now David has leveraged his experience, passion for finance, and strong work ethic into a coveted associate position at PwC.

From day one David took advantage of the resources available to Beedie students by involving himself with BASS. He quickly moved into an executive position within the student governance body as VP of Finance – a rare and coveted position for a first year.

At the time BASS was in need of restructuring and was struggling financially. David focused his newfound financial skills on elevating the organization out of the red and into the black – a goal he had accomplished within a year. He subsequently focused his second year as VP of Corporate Relations on building strong partnerships between the business community and BASS.

Through these roles David gained unique insight into the fundamental flaws of the student society. He spent the next two years solidifying relationships with corporate sponsors, rewriting the society’s constitution to develop a better-supported and more stable organization.

“I first wanted the VP of Finance role to improve my résumé, but as I worked through the executive council I realized that no longer motivated me,” says David. “I found my passion for increasing value for Beedie students. You don’t do it for yourself, you do it to make the community better.”

David’s contribution to BASS earned him a place in Beedie Ambassadors program, where he was given the opportunity to represent the school at numerous conferences as a student leader. The experience taught him how to network with executives as a possible candidate for their company.

“As a student, trying to talk to a CFO or CEO of a company is an uncomfortable situation, and you can find yourself struggling to find a way to talk to them,” he says. “The Beedie Ambassador program was great because it forced me to learn how to network as a business professional.”

By third year, David had experience under his belt and had developed a network of business professionals through his co-curricular activities. Now seeking to hone his analytical skills, he set his sights on case competitions.

“The connections I had made through BASS helped open the door to that and the fact I had not-for-profit experience let me travel to Georgetown and JDC West,” says Chapman. “Case competitions developed my skills the most in the fastest period of time and really helped me get over my fear of presenting.”

David credits case competitions for improving his ability to perform under pressure, specifically in interviews, which him land the job at PwC.

“Case competitions taught me how to settle my mind, so if I did get nervous I could calm myself down quickly,” says David. “It really applied in interviews and I think that skill helped me get the position at PwC.”

David has plans to complete his CPA designation. He believes his Beedie experience tested his limits, honed his skills, and taught him the importance of engagement.

“I think what made an impact on my Beedie experience was the support I got from faculty and alumni,” says David. “The whole experience helped me find my passion, which made overcoming failures and setbacks a lot easier. I had to learn and develop if I wanted to move forward. That’s a lesson I’ll take with me into the future.”