Gabriel Ho-Garcia . Olympian. Entrepreneur. Team Canada Field Hockey. Co-founder Liv and Company. International jet-setter.

Gabriel Ho-Garcia
Hometown: Burnaby
Concentration: Finance and Marketing

Beedie undergraduate Gabriel Ho-Garcia’s Olympian determination is spurring him to success on and off the field.

As a member of Team Canada’s field hockey team, Gabriel’s dedication to athletic excellence took him to the pinnacle of sport when he competed at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Off the pitch, Gabriel has brought the same passion and drive to business, co-founding commercial furniture outfitter, Liv and Company, while completing his education at Beedie.

With a pre-Olympic schedule that would make even the fittest break a sweat, Gabriel managed to balance school with training. Each week comprised of three to five team training sessions, complemented with three hour gym workouts. His travel schedule took him to New Zealand, Scotland, and Malaysia for games, but despite the high demand for his time, he was still able to maintain excellent grades.

“There were times I’d be in another country and I’d have to do midterms,” says Gabriel. “It’s so difficult to focus when you’re travelling and playing, but it’s just what you have to do.”

Beedie’s culture and educational approach appealed to the competitive athlete in him. He ultimately chose the school for its renowned co-op program, supportive faculty, and leading approach to education that pushed him to excel.

“In the past two or three years I really learned how to improve myself,” says Gabriel. “First it was about improving in my sport, so I got in better shape. Then I applied that philosophy to school, so I studied earlier and went to bed earlier. Applying the lessons I learned in field hockey school helped me to improve my grades and the rest of my life.”

Between sport and school, Gabriel managed to squeeze in co-founding furniture sourcing company, Liv and Company with fellow Beedie students, Bruce Ngo and Robin Liu.

Two years since its inception, Liv and Company has furnished several commercial projects including an upcoming chain of prominent co-working spaces.

Graduating in Spring 2017, Gabriel is eager to focus more of his attention on expanding Liv and Company through his role as director of marketing and sales. He is also eager to get back on the Olympic stage and has the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo in his sight.

“I believe Beedie supports athletes and wants them to excel in their sport,” says Gabriel. “The whole program has been extremely flexible and as an athlete, it has helped me prioritize what’s important in school and life. I already see how that will benefit me in the future.”