Tamara Hombrebueno. Marketing Director with ENACTUS SFU. International project manager. Executive with the SFU chapter of AIESEC. Mentor to Beedie freshmen.

Tamara Hombrebueno
Manila, Philippines/Hong Kong/Pitt Meadows, BC
Concentration: Marketing and HR

Tamara Hombrebueno’s Beedie School of Business experience has revolved around international business. And as the Local Committee President for AIESEC SFU, she makes sure that her fellow students receive every opportunity to experience international adventures for themselves.

Over the last few years Tamara has held a number of positions with the SFU chapter of AIESEC, a global student organization with a vision of developing young citizens who will positively impact society through the international work and volunteer internships it offers students.

Tamara first joined AIESEC SFU working in their communications department, before progressing to the role of Vice President of Communications for the chapter. In her year on the executive board, the local chapter facilitated 23 international exchanges for both SFU students and students from abroad.

She has since taken on the role of Local Committee President for 2013, a position that made her responsible for overseeing the entire SFU organization – as well as opening up some fantastic opportunities for her.

“I had always been heavily involved in various organizations prior to coming to university. When I first came to SFU, I soon learned that AIESEC was a great opportunity to build leadership skills, while also making an impact on the lives of others through the exchange program. Since joining AIESEC I’ve gained plenty of professional knowledge, but have also experienced other cultures, and developed an international network for myself.”

Tamara last year travelled to Costa Rica to represent AIESEC Canada at the AIESEC Central America South Leadership Congress, where she mingled with representatives from over ten different countries. She also organized the AIESEC International’s North American Public Relations Summit, which hosted representatives from across Canada and the US.

“One of the great things about AIESEC is the support network the organization offers its members. A lot of the experience I have gained from AIESEC comes from hands on experience – networking, sales meetings, event planning and team management are all easily translatable into the real world. I truly believe in the vision of the organization, as AIESEC has made a real impact on my life.”

Tamara then leveraged the experience garnered through AIESEC into a co-op position at the Beedie School of Business. As International Project Manager, she is responsible for marketing and promoting international academic opportunities for students, including study abroad exchanges, field schools and international co-op placements.

Tamara’s Beedie experience has not focused solely on international business, however. She serves as a Beedie Ambassador, a group of top students who represent the Beedie School of Business at high profile events and speaking engagements. She also recently joined the SFU chapter of Young Women in Business, volunteered as a FROSH mentor, and worked with ENACTUS SFU.

With so many strings to her bow, it should come as no surprise that Tamara was chosen as one of 200 top students from across Canada to judge the TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards. The competition selects only those students who are engaged leaders with high potential – criteria Tamara more than meets.

“My Beedie experience has been incredible, and the support that has been made available to me has been helpful in guiding me towards new opportunities. The Beedie School of Business has opened a lot of doors for me, and I’m incredibly proud that I chose to study here at Beedie.”

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