Jessica Gutierrez . BASS President, Beedie Ambassador, SAP Co-op student, Dean’s Student Service Award recipient

Jessica Gutierrez
Hometown: Coquitlam
Concentration: Human Resource Management

Jessica Gutierrez chose to focus her Beedie experience on enhancing student life as president of the Business Administration Student Society (BASS). She made it her mission to strengthen the Society for future students to build on, getting involved in a range of initiatives to support the Beedie community.

Jessica has a passion for learning and development and chose to complement her BBA with a minor in early childhood education. She hoped her BBA would give her the skills to open her own daycare centre in the future. Through her Beedie education, Jessica found that she was equally passionate about creating and contributing to work environments that develop and support people and decided to pursue a human resources concentration.

“I have seen the impact of HR on shifting cultures and driving organizational success”, says Jessica. “I just want to find a values and purpose-driven company that I can really contribute to.”

Jessica joined BASS in her first year and immersed herself in different roles, culminating in the presidency. During her BASS presidency, Jessica continued the efforts of previous teams to lead the re-write of the BASS constitution in order for BASS to be recognized as a faculty student union by the end of her term.

“I always want to leave things in a better place,” says Jessica. “I hope that future Beedie students can feel comfortable and encouraged to get creative, progress what already exists, and take initiative within or outside of the Beedie community.”

Participating in BASS taught Jessica a lot about leadership and the importance of learning from others. She joined the Beedie Ambassador program and represented the school at various business community events.

Jessica also took part in the co-op program and completed multiple internships, with her final two at software company SAP. In her first internship she coordinated training and enablement sessions for SAP consultants, and moved into a HR operations role for her second internship. Jessica will be moving into a full-time role at SAP post-graduation and attributes her positive work experiences to her growth and learning at Beedie.

“At Beedie, you are the driver of your own experience,” says Jessica. “There is so much to be part of and valuable mentorship to get you to where you want to go. When you are genuine about chasing your passions and trying different things, people recognize that and support your journey.”