Kyle Krystalowich. President emeritus, advisor and coach at ENACTUS SFU. Mentor in BusOne program. Studied on exchange at National University of Singapore. Event coordinator of TEDxSFU. Silver medalist at APEX Case Competition in Singapore.

Kyle Krystalowich
Concentration: Management Information Systems and Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Kyle Krystalowich has based his experience at the Beedie School of Business on leadership. Whether it is in his role as president of Enactus SFU, developing the Beedie iPhone app, or any one of his many other extra-curricular activities, Krystalowich’s talent for leadership has always shone through.

When he first arrived at Beedie Krystalowich made the decision to get involved with student life, first opting to join Enactus SFU, the SFU chapter of the global student organization that addresses social, environmental and economics needs in the community.

With Enactus SFU, Krystalowich initially worked with local communities, where he would visit high schools to educate students on the ethics of business. He then rose to the position of chapter president, where he set himself tasks of improving membership engagement, improving the chapter’s success rate in competitions, and ensuring that chapter projects laid foundations to ensure lasting effects for years to come.

“My year as president was one of the best years of my life – I made a lot of friends, but more importantly, I helped people to make connections,” says Krystalowich. “I like to do a lot of my work in the background, so as president I was proud to be able to let others take centre stage. Enactus was such an empowering experience and developed so many skills that have served me well either at Beedie or in the professional world.”

Krystalowich chose not to limit his Beedie experience just to Enactus SFU, however. Among his many extra-curricular activities he has acted as a mentor in the BusOne program, supporting new students as they made the transition from high school to university, as well as working as a Beedie Ambassador, a group of top students who represent the Beedie School of Business at high profile events and speaking engagements.

“Acting as a mentor in the BusOne program was definitely rewarding, and enabled me to communicate my positive experiences to incoming students,” says Krystalowich. “As a Beedie Ambassador I continued to tell the story about my Beedie experience, and gained a lot of confidence in networking with business professionals.”

Krystalowich took a step back from atypical business studies at one point and delved into the tech industry for one student project, working as part of a team tasked with developing a Beedie School of Business iPhone app.

The project was a compelling case of interdisciplinary cooperation, and ultimately inspired him to make his next move. The stories his teammates shared of their time on exchange were enough to convince him to spend a semester abroad at the National University of Singapore.

“I had never travelled outside of North America before and I was eager to see the world from a new perspective,” he says. “Learning in a different culture was really valuable, and will help me stand out from the crowd when competing with other students for jobs. It was definitely one of my most memorable experiences at Beedie, and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to get that new perspective.”

Krystalowich recently returned to Singapore as part of the Beedie team that took home silver at the high-profile APEX Business-IT Global Case Challenge. “The APEX competition allowed us as representatives of the Beedie School of Business to compare ourselves to students from top schools across the globe,” he said. “The team spent over four months preparing, and as a result each member of the team now has the confidence to tackle real world technology and business issues.”

Krystalowich’s latest project sees him working as event coordinator for TEDxSFU, the SFU version of the popular TED talks, where passionate SFU student and alumni volunteers dedicate their time to ideas worth spreading. Krystalowich is responsible for planning the event logistics, venue and coordinating the volunteers. As a passionate fan of the original TED talks, Krystalowich was keen to get involved in the project, and in the process add event planning to his range of skills.

With such an extensive list of impressive achievements, Krystalowich’s talents have not gone unnoticed. Earlier this year he received the Student Impact Award, presented to the student who most inspires the entire Beedie School of Business community. With a knack for leadership and a natural ability to engage, Krystalowich is a more than worthy winner.

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