Manisha Narula. Co-op terms in marketing and HR. Part of Vancouver Board of Trade’s Leaders of Tomorrow program. Beedie Ambassador. Event coordinator for TEDxSFU. Long-standing involvement with ENACTUS. Passionate about social entrepreneurship.

Manisha Narula
Delhi, India
Concentration: Human Resource Management & Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Manisha Narula is passionate about many things – social entrepreneurship, sustainability, and leadership, to name just a few. Thanks to her experience at the Beedie School of Business, she has taken these passions to the next level.

Born in India, Manisha lived in several different countries throughout her childhood, including Sweden, Venezuela and Ethiopia. It was her three-year spell in Vancouver at the age of twelve that stood out, and convinced her to return for university – with SFU her one and only choice.

Manisha has been involved with a number of social innovation initiatives, including the Beedie Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator, a six-week program that allowed students to further their social venture concepts. She used the opportunity to build an online community for people passionate about environmental friendliness that allowed members to share advice on sustainability.

She followed this by working with RADIUS, Beedie’s social innovation lab and venture incubator, where she assisted with community engagement, event organization, and raising awareness for social entrepreneurship in the community.

The myriad of extra curricular opportunities at the Beedie School of Business that Manisha has partaken in includes two placements in the co-op program, first with the Beedie Student Engagement Office, and then in an HR role at engineering and construction company SNC-Lavalin.

“SNC-Lavalin has over 35,000 employees across the world – I have learned so much from being exposed to an organization that size that you can’t learn in a classroom,” she says. “The Beedie position primarily exposed the students to the opportunities at the School. After having gained so much from the School myself, it was my way of encouraging others to do the same.”

Eager to seek out opportunities to enhance her skillset, Manisha joined the Vancouver Board of Trade’s Leaders of Tomorrow Program, which engages final year university students with industry experts to develop their skills in mentorship, networking, leadership, and volunteerism.

Her burgeoning resume is further enhanced through stints as a Beedie Ambassador, a group of top students who represent the Beedie School of Business at high profile events and speaking engagements, and as Event Coordinator for TedxSFU, the SFU version of the popular TED talks.

She was also a member of the team that brought home bronze in the Academic School of the Year category at the 2014 SFU JDC West Competition, the largest student-run business case competition in Western Canada.

She has a long-standing affiliation with ENACTUS, the SFU chapter of the global student organization that addresses social, environmental and economics needs in the community. In the last few years she has held a number of positions on the executive team, earned a first place finish in the Enactus Western Regional Competition, and coached a team to a top sixteen finish in the National Competition.

“I have enjoyed my time at Beedie so much that I almost don’t want to leave,” she says. “Being so involved makes me feel that when I graduate I will be prepared for whatever lies ahead.”

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