Natalie Botteselle. Co-captain, Beedie JDC West team. Two co-op terms. International exchange at University College Dublin. Director of HR for BASS. Beedie Ambassador.

Natalie Botteselle
North Vancouver
Concentration: Human Resource Management and Marketing

Natalie Botteselle’s reasoning behind choosing the Beedie School of Business was driven by the wealth of opportunities for personal development offered to students. With a little under a year to go until she graduates, she has not found reason to regret her choice.

Natalie has had a long-standing affiliation with Beedie’s JDC West team, first competing on the social team, and then increasing her responsibilities by taking on the role of team co-captain.

Although she can boast that she lead the team to bronze in the Academic School of the Year category at the 2014 SFU JDC West Competition – the largest student-run business case competition in Western Canada – the experience offered her far more than a sense of school pride and accomplishment.

“Being co-captain was daunting at first, but turned into the coolest experience,” says Natalie. “I was responsible for promotion, recruitment, communications between different stakeholders, managing the alumni coaches, and securing sponsorship to fund the team – it was almost as if I was running a small business.”

As well as leading her school to academic success, Natalie points to the time she spent on international exchange at University College Dublin as one of the highlights of her undergraduate experience.

“Getting an international perspective from teachers from across the world was an amazing experience,” she says. “I was very lucky to meet so many different people and travel during my studies – learning new things and experiencing new cultures in an international setting was a real standout.”

Experiential learning has played a key role throughout Natalie’s academic journey, seeing her take full advantage of the renowned co-op program at the Beedie School. She has undertaken two separate co-op terms, first as HR and Marketing assistant, and more recently as International Project manager at Beedie.

“I find that my co-op terms have enhanced my classroom learning,” she says. “They put you in the field and ask you to put the theory you have learned in class into practice in real work scenarios.”

Engagement with the Beedie and SFU communities has also been high on Natalie’s priorities, and served to enhance her learning experience. As the Director of HR for the SFU Business Administration Student Society (BASS) she gained experience in selecting and hiring applicants; a position as FROSH mentor enabled her to market the opportunities at Beedie to new students while nurturing her leadership skills; while her time spent as a Beedie Ambassador allowed her to represent the School at a variety of high-profile events.

“It’s hard to sum up my whole Beedie experience, but I would say that I have experienced so much growth as a result of this school,” says Natalie. “All the initiatives I have been involved in have helped me develop my skills further. The best thing about Beedie is that there are so many opportunities.”

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