Alain Ndayishimiye. Left behind refugee camps in Rwanda, Tanzania and Malawi to study at SFU. Passionate about community involvement. Co-founded the SFU African Students’ Association and Club Komera. Works for environmental charity Dogwood Initiative.

Alain Ndayishimiye
Concentration: Human Resource Management and Marketing

Alain Ndayishimiye’s remarkable journey to the Beedie School of Business saw him leave behind African concentration camps to pursue his education in Canada – and resulted in sparking a passion for community and change.

Ndayishimiye identifies as Burundian, the country from which his parents hail, although he spent his childhood in refugee camps in Rwanda, Tanzania and Malawi. He arrived at Beedie through the SFU WUSC Student Refugee Program, an initiative that allows refugees to continue their studies in post-secondary institutions across Canada.

He has not forgotten his roots since arriving in Canada, however, and is co-founder of both the SFU African Students’ Association, which has attracted over 100 members since being founded last year, and Club Komera, an initiative that brings Burundian people in BC together as a community.

“I am passionate about community and about people,” he says. “Co-founding these organizations has been an amazing ride. In the future I intend to work for companies that enhance the community and make life easier for people.”

His commitment to non-profit initiatives is not solely focused on Africa, however. During his studies Ndayishimiye worked part-time for environmental charity Dogwood Initiative, as well as an organization that helps immigrants in Surrey integrate into Canadian society.

“The education I received at the Beedie School of Business has helped me tremendously – it is so much more than a university to me,” he says. “I am very thankful to the school and I feel ready for the world now.”

After graduating in October, Ndayishimiye has taken on a permanent position at Dogwood Initiative, but has firm plans for where his career will ultimately lead.

“One day I intend to return to Burundi and try to help the people there,” he says. “I know that whatever I do, the education I gained from my Beedie experience will help me to bring about change.”

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