Vameesha Patel . Enactus. Case Competitor. President of HR Students’ Association. Beedie Ambassador. Teaching assistant. Future lawyer.

Vameesha Patel
Hometown: Surrey
Concentration: Human Resources

Vameesha Patel tailored her Beedie undergraduate degree to provide a strong foundation for her ultimate goal of a law career. Through a combination of her BBA in Human Resources and engagement with Beedie’s co-curricular activities, she created a degree that would not only prepare her for success in law but also ignite a passion for leading others to success.

Early in her studies, Vameesha joined Enactus SFU as a workshop coordinator for the student run initiative Hunger Actions. The programs empowers low income and at risk families to live a healthy lifestyle on a tight budget by facilitating workshops on food preparation, financial literacy and general healthy living.

“It wasn’t until I went to a proper workshop that I could see that we were actually making an impact,” says Vameesha. “It was really humbling. It inspired me to help them live a better lifestyle.”

Vameesha challenged herself to improve her presentation skills by competing in the 2014 Enactus Western Regional Competition, presenting the impact of Hunger Actions. Her team’s presentation took first place in the financial literacy category.

“Being involved in Enactus was such a defining moment in my life, because it taught me so many different things in such a short period of time,” says Vameesha. “Best of all I really feel like I did justice to those who were impacted by Hunger Actions by presenting their stories at the Enactus regionals.”

Moving on from her role as workshop coordinator, Vameesha hand selected and coached the next team of Beedie students who presented Hunger Actions at Enactus. The team once again took home first place in the financial literacy category the following year.

Vameesha also invested her time in the Human Resources Students’ Association and quickly took the helm as president. The association introduces HR students to working professionals through workshops and events.

Her engagement in Beedie student life earned Vameesha a role as a Beedie Ambassador. Through this, she gained the opportunity to attend conferences and events where she fostered meaningful connections with the business community.

“When I became a Beedie Ambassador I was so happy to be able to attend big events that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to at such a young age,” says Vameesha. “It gave me a competitive edge and showcased that Beedie cares about their students and their careers.”

Although Vameesha enjoyed her HR studies, a corporate law course reinvigorated her desire to pursue law, spurring her to take up a teacher assistant position in the same course.

“I wanted to show the passion I felt so that I could make the course as interesting for them as it was for me,” says Vameesha. “I really provided as much extra support and I think it went well.”

After graduating in summer 2016, Vameesha immediately landed a job as an HR Assistant at Gateway Casinos, but shortly thereafter discovered she had fulfilled her ambitions by being accepted to study law.

“Beedie gives you everything you need to be successful as long as you are ready to take initiative,” says Vameesha. “When the faculty knows that you mean business they are there to help you accomplish your dreams. I got exactly what I was looking for from Beedie.”