Matthew Tse. Videographer, actor, and blogger. Studying on exchange at National University of Singapore, and completed co-op as international project manager.

Matthew Tse
Vancouver, BC
Concentration: MIS and Marketing

Matthew Tse found fame in the Simon Fraser University community for his starring roles in YouTube videos about SFU – one of which features him running from a legion of zombies at the end of the world. But when the budding actor isn't lighting up the social media landscape with viral video hits, he's taking advantage of everything else on offer at the Beedie School of Business.

During his short time here, he has carved out a diverse path for himself – one that includes case competitions, real-world work experience, international business exchange and those aforementioned artistic endeavors.

One of the more business-like activities Matthew has been involved in was to work on the organizational team for CaseIT, the largest management information systems case competition in North America. As Director of Sponsorship, Matthew led a team in obtaining and maintaining corporate sponsorship for the competition.

“The Director position was very much geared towards leadership, and I learned a lot about team building through the role. I tried to focus on building a framework for future sponsorship teams. Sponsorship is such a big thing for CaseIT that I felt it was important to leave a legacy and make things as easy as possible for future sponsorship teams to take up the reins.”

It was Matthew’s involvement with CaseIT that inspired him to take the next step in his personal development. Hearing the experiences of his peers’ trips abroad convinced him of the merits of an exchange trip.

“I had never really gone anywhere beyond Vancouver – the last time I was on a flight was when I was eight years old. I spoke to some alumni at CaseIT and heard about the amazing experiences they had on exchange. The idea was new and scary but I did some research and decided to step out of my comfort zone. It’s a decision that really paid off.”

Matthew’s international exchange is not the first taste of international business he has had, however. He took part in a co-op placement for eight months where he held the role of International Project Manager at the Beedie School of Business, a position focused on event planning and marketing. The job made such an impression on Matthew that he ultimately opted to switch his major to marketing.

“Like CaseIT, the co-op placement was like stepping into a brand new world for me. The co-op program was so rewarding for me and I learned so many things a textbook could not teach me. I know that textbook knowledge will be important in my future career, but learning on the job gives you skills that a textbook cannot teach.”

Away from the classroom, Matthew has always had an artistic streak, and despite having so many extra curricular activities on the go, has still found time to combine being a Beedie student with artistic flair. He first produced and starred in the Sh*t SFU Says video and, after the success of his performance, went on to star in the SFU LipDub video.

“The videos gave me a great outlet to express my artistic side and the hype around them has been crazy. This is one of the great things about Beedie – there are so many opportunities available, and not just in business. Everyone here is out to better themselves and help each other. The community vibe at the Beedie School of Business is something that I cherish.”

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