Tyler Chan


Tyler Chan. Volunteer. Teaching Assistant. Hockey and skating coach. JDC West Co-Captain. BASS Mentor.

Tyler Chan
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Concentration: Accounting

Being a good coach requires more than just being good at a sport. For Tyler Chan, being a great coach comes naturally. In fact, it was Chan’s talent for teaching others that serendipitously led him to his accounting career. “My friend was struggling with her accounting homework. I was studying engineering at the time, but I offered to help. I realized that accounting is something that comes naturally to me. Everything just flows so logically,” says the Beedie graduate. Eventually, Chan transferred from engineering at Capilano University to the Beedie School of Business at SFU.

But Chan’s ability to mentor others has never been limited to homework. He has spent many years developing his leadership skills as a hockey and skating coach. It is what led him to start the Britannia After School Hockey program (BASH) for underprivileged children and youth. “After the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, kids in the neighbourhood were coming up to us asking to play hockey,” explains Chan, who worked at Britannia Ice Rink at the time. “So we got the resources together so that we could provide free hockey training, equipment, and ice time.” The BASH program continues to run today, serving 30-40 children in Vancouver’s Strathcona neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, Chan also lends his skating and coaching skills to the Canucks Autism Network’s learn-to-skate program. Since 2012, Chan has helped mentor both players and coaches through the program, developing and teaching different ways to coach children as young as three years old.

Off-ice, Chan’s talent for coaching has helped other Beedie students as well. Chan had two mentees through the BASS Mentorship Program and worked as a Teaching Assistant for a 100-level Business course. “I loved being a TA. It was a lot like coaching – you really have to get to know the students to help them do well,” he says.

Today, Chan is working full-time at PwC – a job he landed shortly after completing a summer internship with the accounting firm. He is about half-way through earning his Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation, and looks forward to one day volunteering as a Board Member for a local non-profit.

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