Sasha Vukovic. Intercollegiate Business Ethics Case Competition winner. Member of Vancouver Whitecaps under-16 championship team. Participant in University Excellence Meets SAP program. Completed two co-op terms with BC Hydro.

Sasha Vukovic
Port Moody
Concentration: Joint Major in International Business and Economics

Originally from Yugoslavia, Sasha Vukovic immigrated to Canada at a young age, and since arriving at the Beedie School of Business, he has gone to great lengths to immerse himself in everything the school has to offer. From case competitions to co-op placements, Vukovic has made it a point to be involved in the school at virtually every level.

Vukovic was part of the Beedie undergraduate team that competed at the Intercollegiate Business Ethics Case Competition (IBECC) in 2011. The oldest and most-recognized business ethics competition of its kind, the IBECC allows students to chose their own case to present, focusing on business ethics. Vukovic and his teammates chose a case familiar to any Vancouverite – the Stanley Cup riots of 2011.

The team’s case, which used the backdrop of the riots to explore the growing role that social media plays in society and business, won the Hannah Arendt Essay Award, funded by the Honorable Judge Ruth Kraft of the New York bench, recognizing the best essay of the competition about the ethical dimensions of a business case. The Beedie team also went on to win the consolation prize, securing the team’s place in the top five overall and taking silver in the international division.

“Having heard only good things from other students who had participated in case competitions, the IBECC turned out to be a great experience, one which I learned a lot from,” says Vukovic. “As well as ethics, the competition required teams to examine financial and legal aspects of their case, which appealed to my interest in a future career in law greatly.”

Vukovic’s Beedie experience has been so positive that he sought out the role of Beedie Ambassador, a group of top students who represent the Beedie School of Business at high profile events and speaking engagements.

“My role as a Beedie Ambassador has been extremely rewarding, both in the sense that I am able to spread the good word about the Beedie School of Business, but also on a personal level,” says Vukovic. “Being out in the community is a different kind of learning than sitting in the classroom, and has really helped develop a lot of skills I will need for my future career.”

After responding to a post on the Beedie undergraduate news portal, Vukovic was selected for SAP’s University Excellence Meets SAP program, which offers students the firsthand, practical experience and knowledge required to take charge of their future careers. As part of the program, SAP, a world leader in enterprise management software, flew Vukovic to Orlando to attend their SAPPHIRE NOW conference, an annual conference with over 15000 attendees from global organizations such as Microsoft.

Outside of Beedie, Vukovic is a passionate soccer player, having played for the Whitecaps affiliate club, Mountain Whitecaps FC in high school, where he was part of the team that became the 2008 USL Super Y-League North American champions. Although his study commitments prohibit him from helping the SFU Clan to glory, Vukovic still tries to find time to play in Vancouver Metro Soccer League Divison One.

Vukovic also spent two semesters during his studies on co-op placements, working with BC Hydro’s Economic and Business Development Team on both occasions. The experience taught him skills in economic analysis and business case development, among others, and made him an advocate of experiential learning in the process.

“My Beedie experience has been more than I could ever have hoped for,” says Vukovic. “The flexibility Beedie offers has enabled me to combine my interests in my joint major in international business and economics, but also offered so much through experiential learning and opportunities to get involved – there is so much that the time passes very quickly. It’s important to make the most of it while you can.”

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