Elizabeth Boey. Musician. CBC Rock Your Campus Top Ten finalist. Founder, Rotaract in Tri-Cities. JDC West Competitor. Frosh leader. BMP mentor. International exchange in Vienna.

Elizabeth Boey
Port Coquitlam
Concentration: Marketing

Undergraduate student Elizabeth Boey has many talents that the Beedie School of Business has helped to nurture: her passion for community engagement and social innovation have both been allowed to flourish – and a natural flair for music has seen her ranked alongside some of Canada’s top musicians.

Elizabeth’s interest in music began in the eighth grade, when her talent for singing and the guitar saw her land the lead in a school musical. From there she joined a band in high school who were so popular that they made the top ten of a competition for BC’s best teen band contest.

The highlight of Elizabeth’s music career so far arrived in 2014 when she reached the final ten of CBC Music’s Rock Your Campus contest, a competition for students enrolled in a Canadian college or university.

“I sent in one of my original songs for the contest, which was based on online voting,” says Elizabeth. “I used some of my marketing education to drum up support, promoting it on social media. I also did a few impromptu performances with my guitar on campus. I would say to people that I didn’t want their money, I just wanted them to vote for me.”

Although she intends to pursue a career in music after graduation, Elizabeth has ensured she is prepared for an alternative. By spending a semester on international exchange in Vienna she not only enhanced her educational experience, but also fulfilled a lifelong dream of living and traveling in Europe.

Closer to home, Elizabeth’s sense of community engagement compelled her to co-found the Tri-cities Rotaract club, a sub group of the global Rotary club organization intended for members aged 18 to 30. In the first year of the club’s existence alone it raised over $10,000 for charitable organizations, through organized events such as a charitable concert that benefitted an orphanage in Uganda.

“The benefit concert focused on local performers in the community – it was a great bonding experience for the local community as well as having the benefit of being able to reach out to the world through music,” says Elizabeth. “We were looking for a good cause to raise money for and by reaching out to local contacts we found someone in BC who had started the orphanage in Uganda. It was very fulfilling to be able to support BC residents who had dedicated themselves to helping others across the globe.”

Through the Rotary Club Elizabeth was able to participate in the Rotary Youth Leadership Award program, a leadership training program for young leaders. The program allows participant to debate issues of professional responsibility and human relations, improve leadership and communication skills, understand conflict resolution, and learn about businesses and institutions.

Elizabeth was also a member of the Beedie 2013 JDC West team that won Academic School of the Year, an experience that she says was one of the highlights of her university experience. Indeed, the sense of camaraderie that she felt during the JDC West competition compelled her to sign up as a FROSH leader, in order to guide new Beedie students embarking on their academic journey.

“My Beedie experience has been a blast – I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” she says. “The like-minded people you meet through organized events such as FROSH and JDC West really enhance the whole student experience. Engaging with the Beedie community really lifts your education to another level.”

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