Lillian Dang. VP, Events at BASS. Beedie Olympics organizer. Three-time JDC West competitor. Case Competition competitor. BMP mentor. Co-op term with College of Registered Nurses of BC.

Lillian Dang
Concentration: Management Information Systems

BBA student Lillian Dang’s Beedie experience has revolved around student engagement – not only focusing on her own engagement, but also striving to ensure that other Beedie students make the most of their experience.

As the Vice President of Events at the SFU Business Administration Student Society (BASS), Lillian has chaired four events on the Beedie calendar, including the School’s signature event, the BASS Banquet. She describes her involvement in organizing the events as an educational experience – one that not only built skills, but also displayed the community spirit within the School.

“I learned a lot of skills in my role as VP of Events at BASS, including how much everybody loves Beedie and the extent to which they will go to make these events better,” says Lillian. “It is very fulfilling bringing students, staff, faculty, and corporate sponsors together. People just love to get involved.”

The role also saw her take responsibility for the Students Awards Gala, which honours the achievements of students with executive roles at the various Beedie student clubs, and the Student Leadership Retreat, where prospective student leaders are taught to grow their skillset.

Lillian also played a significant role in the organization of the 2014 Beedie Olympics, an annual event that helps build community amongst business clubs and students through friendly athletic competition. Under her watch the event more than doubled its capacity from the previous year.

“Studying is stressful, so the Beedie Olympics is a great way to let off some steam and build a sense of community,” she says. “Prior to my involvement the event was quite small, but we were not only able to double the size of it, but also sold out all tickets within two days.”

Lillian’s sense of Beedie community spirit extends to participating in case competitions. For three consecutive years she has competed on the SFU team for JDC West – the largest student-run business case competition in Western Canada – representing the School in athletics on two occasions and once in the not-for-profit strategy category. The JDC West experience is one that she heartily endorses.

“As one of the premier undergraduate events, JDC West is an opportunity to show other schools what a great community spirit we have at Beedie,” says Lillian. “Words can’t describe how enthusiastic and committed the team members are to perfecting what they do.”

Her experience competing at JDC West has since inspired her to test her skills in more case competitions. She is set to compete at the McDonough-Hilltop Business Strategy Challenge, the largest non-profit case competition in the United States, hosted by Georgetown University, Washington, DC.

Away from campus, Lillian has boosted her professional experience through a co-op position at the College of Registered Nurses of BC. Working as an Information Systems Analyst, she gained experience in applying her education to the professional world.

“My co-op position taught me how important school is, as I was applying things I had learned in the classroom on a day-to-day basis,” she says. “Sometimes it surprised me just how applicable my education is to the professional world. I plan on taking advantage of more co-op opportunities at Beedie in the future.”

With such a rich Beedie experience to call upon, Lillian has ensured that others can benefit from her advice, and has participated for two years in the BASS Mentorship Program (BMP). She has since mentored two Beedie first year students, helping them pursue the correct opportunities on offer at the School to help them achieve their career goals.

“I have been lucky to have a few mentors in my life who have helped shape my career choices, so I wanted to give back,” she says. “It is very rewarding to see the students you mentor grow into leaders and watch them make contributions back to the Beedie community. I always encourage my mentees to get involved – I have benefited so much from it that it is something I always pass on to them.”

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