[SFUIC] Investment Club Exec Team Recruitment – APPLY NOW! | Deadline: November 27

Nov 25, 2011
The SFU Investment Club (SFUIC) is having an election turnover of the entire executive team for the Spring semester, starting in January 2011. This is a great opportunity to apply for a spot in the club’s leadership! 

The open positions will include the following: (Click here to download a detailed description of each position


President – Responsible for setting top-level club strategy, mediating communications between the entire executive team, handling correspondance with the SFSS, and developing new event ideas. Current executive: Brandon Heng (bha8@sfu.ca). time commitment: 8-10 hours.

VP Internal Affairs – Responsible for coordinating internal club functions and ensuring the club’s core curriculum are run smoothly. Current executive: Lilian Kan (lyk1@sfu.ca). Weekly time commitment: 6-8 hours.

VP External – Responsible for coordinating club correspondence with external project sponsors and event attendees.  Current executive: Dennis Chan (wdc1@sfu.ca). Weekly time commitment: 6-8 hours.

Treasurer – Responsible for handling and tracking usage of club funds and maintaining the club bank account. Current executive: Lani Wang (ylw3@sfu.ca). Weekly time commitment: 6-8 hours. 

VP Communication – Responsible for maintaining club communication with members and overseeing the club email account. Current executive: Amar Klino (aka51@sfu.ca). Weekly time commitment: 6-8 hours.

Director of Marketing – Responsible for producing promotional material for the club’s events.  Current executive: Jennifer Yuan (lya14@sfu.ca) Weekly time commitment:6-8 hours.

IT Officer – Responsible for maintaining and updating the club’s website and social media outlets as needed.  Current executive: N/A  Weekly time commitment: 4-6 hours.

Reasons to apply for an executive position:
• (1) Knowledge – Taking a leadership role in SFUIC will expand not just your knowledge of investments and finance, but will also broaden your skills in project management, communication, and marketing, just to name a few.
• (2) Networking – SFUIC is traditionally a tight-knit group with a hands-on approach to learning about investments – as an SFUIC executive, you will get the chance to network and get to know some extremely talented fellow students and members with similar a common interest.
• (3) Employability – Companies increasingly want people with more than just grades and work experience – leadership, volunteering, and teamwork are key, and you can get experience with all of them as an SFUIC executive. Don’t take it from me – ask some of our current/past executives, who have used their SFUIC experiences to secure jobs/internships at companies like HSBC, Accenture, Jordan Capital Markets, UBS, RIM, and Investors Group.

Worried about applying? Don’t be – several current executives will stay on the Board of Advisors to help the new executive team adapt to their roles, and you’ll find managing the club to be exciting, rewarding, and fun! The current executive team all started with no club management experience, and we’ve been able to do some great things with the club. So, how can you apply?

When’s the deadline?: November 27th, 2011

How to apply?: Please send your resume along with a brief (1 page max) summary of why you want to be an SFUIC executive and what you currently know about the SFUIC to SFUInvestmentClub@gmail.com 

If you have any questions, feel free to email individual executives if your question is about a specific executive position. All other questions can be directed at sfuinvestmentclub@gmail.com

We will hold brief interviews for all executive positions after the application deadline, the details of which are TBA. All new executives will receive orientation for their roles, and will begin the next chapter in SFUIC starting January 2012.



Best regards,

Amar Klino