[EXELerate 2047] Call for Volunteers

Event: Wed May 3, 2017

Mar 28, 2017

Event Details:

Contact Information for Volunteer Coordinator: Lia@GroYourBiz.com

The Westin Bayshore Hotel Vancouver, BC May 3 – 5, 2017

Volunteer Code & Responsibilities:

Volunteers are essential to the success of our conference EXCELerate2017: GroYourBiz with the Speed of Collaboration! EXCELerate will give you a unique opportunity to meet influential entrepreneurial minded women. Together we will foster and support the economic empowerment of women by enhancing trading opportunities among communities across Canada, the United States and around the world.

Why volunteer with EXCELerate:

  • Networking opportunities with women business owners, corporate representatives, government attendees, trade practitioners from academia, finance, customer brokerage and legal professions, students in international trade, and media
  • Opportunities to attend some of the “Meet the Expert” sessions and/or keynotes (minimum of 1 per day)
    • Please email Lia@GroYourBiz.com with your top 5 choices and we will do our best when scheduling your shift
  • Coffee, Tea, Water and snacks (unfortunately the sit down meals are not included)

Roles and responsibilities:

Please note this list is for demonstration purposes only and actual tasks may differ. If you are not comfortable with a task, please let the Coordinator know immediately.

  1. Registration
    1. Signing in delegates, answering questions
  2. Exhibit Space
    1. Monitoring the exhibits to ensure nothing is stolen or disrupted during sessions
    2. Assisting exhibitors ex. handing out samples, collecting delegate information for follow up meetings
  3. Meet the Experts
    1. Assisting the moderator with handouts, AV issues
    2. Helping with ingress and egress of delegates
  4. Set Up
    1. Distributing conference material to all exhibit booths, if required
    2. Setting up posters and banners, if required  Assisting exhibitors with their displays
    3. Assisting the moderator by being the “runner” for any AV glitches in the “Meet The Expert” session
  5. Floaters
    1. Miscellaneous activities ex. locating AV company to fix issue, printing handouts for speakers, working with the on-site photographer, on any of the above roles


  • 3-day commitment
  • Dress codes is business casual ex. blouse and dress pants or skirt
  • Your volunteer role is your top priority, therefore, please do not abandon your role without letting the Coordinator know ahead of time (in the event of an emergency use your best judgment). We promise to schedule your free time to network and enjoy the sessions.
  • Lunch and dinner are not included but the hotel is located near many affordable restaurants and food carts (coffee breaks are included)
  • Parking is not included but the hotel is located to on the street parking