SFU International Experience Scholarship (cgpa 3.50)

Deadline: Sun April 30, 2017

Apr 12, 2017

For those of you currently pursuing international experiences within your degree at Beedie, we have an internally administered scholarship targeted towards you.  The term of eligibility for this is Summer 2017.

To Apply:

All applications are to be submitted by email to seoaward@sfu.ca by 11:59 pm on Sunday, April 30th.

Applications require these following 4 items to be submitted as one single merged pdf file, titled “yourfullname.studentnumber.nameofscholarshiporaward.pdf”:

  1. Application cover page (to include only:  your full name, your SFU Student Number, name of opportunity being applied for)
  2. Letter of intent/cover letter (not to exceed 2 pages)
  3. Resume
  4. Any additional reference or recommendation letters or other supporting materials that are either requested by the terms of reference or that you choose to include as further support for your application.  Letters are optional where they are not requested by the terms of reference, but can be helpful.

Only one application package to be submitted per email.  Submit multiple emails for multiple applications.  Please state the name of the scholarship in your email heading and include your student number in the body of the email.

Application Cover Page Format:

So that your application is identifiable, please create a very simple cover page that lists only these three things clearly:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your SFU Student Number
  • Name of Opportunity being applied for


All Scholarships Require (unless otherwise stated):

  • A minimum gpa of 3.50
  • Registration in a minimum of 12 units of normally graded courses in the term of eligibility. Challenge, audit and non-credit courses will not be considered.
  • A student needs to have completed at least 12 units of normally graded courses at the University to be considered for most private and endowed scholarships.
  • A student holding an SFU entrance award is eligible to apply for all other University administered scholarships.
  • A student holding an ongoing SFU entrance scholarship is not eligible for private scholarships until the entrance scholarship is fully paid.

Barry Macdonald Scholarship in Business Administration

The scholarships in Business Administration, a minimum value of $2,000, will be awarded annually to students who:

  • Demonstrates outstanding academic achievement (min 3.50 CGPA) while enrolled in the Beedie School of Business;
  • Is enrolled in an international term exchange, co-op work placement, field school or dual degree program; and
  • Demonstrates exceptional community service.

Where possible preference will be given to students registered in an exchange, co-op work placement, field school or dual degree program in Asia.