Financial Officer Recruitment and Development (FORD) Program

Deadline: Thu October 19, 2017

Oct 06, 2017

In addition to being the nation’s largest single employer, the federal government is the employer of choice for Canadians who work in a wide variety of occupations, such as food inspectors, health specialists, pilots, mechanics, diplomats, research scientists and many others.

Federal Government Recruitment

As a Financial Officer Recruitment and Development (FORD) Program recruit, you will work with these and other professionals. Some 100 federal organizations have used the FORD Program inventory. Their activities include dozens of lines of business and thousands of individual programs.

Financial management is forging new directions in the federal public service, moving from roles that are functional to those that are more strategic. It now figures more prominently in how the government runs its business. This means exciting career opportunities and new challenges for bright, dedicated people who want to make a difference.

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