The Beedie Endowment Asset Management (BEAM) Fund

Beam Team

Founded in 2011 with the generous support of the Beedie family, Beedie Endowment Asset Management (BEAM) is an investment fund run entirely by undergraduate students from Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business.

  • BEAM is one of the largest undergraduate student-run investment funds in Canada, with $6.6 million invested in Canadian equities, fixed income, and cash.
  • BEAM is truly student-run. The members are responsible for administering the group, preparing economic research and analysis, and making investment decisions. The Faculty Advisor and Program Advisor provide minimal guidance and feedback when necessary.
  • BEAM is not a trading game or simulation. It manages a portfolio on behalf of Simon Fraser University and is ranked along with the university’s professional money managers. Fund performance and compliance are tracked daily by BEAM members, and reported on at quarterly performance reviews.
  • Students selected for BEAM undergo a rigorous, hands-on training program including Bloomberg terminal certification, financial analysis, and equity research. The emphasis is on developing the same applied skills that would be expected in a real-world finance job.
  • BEAM accepts approximately 10 students per year, with admission on a competitive basis, and involvement with the fund lasts until the completion of the member’s undergraduate degree.

If you are a current/prospective Beedie School of Business student with an interest in joining BEAM, please refer to the “Join Our Team” tab above.