Meet The Faculty Champions

Our faculty are leading scholars in entrepreneurship and innovation from all of SFU, unified in a vision for entrepreneurship as a catalyst for positive change and a driver of innovation. Coming from disciplines such as business, applied science, social science, technology, and environmental and health studies, as well as industry outreach organizations, our faculty champions are award-winning scientists and scholars, prolific authors, and experts in business design, sustainability and health, and global markets. They lead the way in the classroom, establishing SFU as a global leader for entrepreneurship-focused programs and learning.

Faculty of Business (Beedie)

Sarah Lubik

Director of Entrepreneurship

Andrew Gemino

Associate Dean

Elicia Maine

Academic Director,
i2I Invention to Innovation

Lisa Papania

Co-Director, Business of Design

Faculty of Applied Science (FAS)

Fred Popowich


Carolyn Sparrey

Associate Professor

Kevin Oldknow

Associate Dean

Amr Marzouk

FAS Lecturer, Co-Champion Tech e@SFU

Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (FASS)

Andrew Sixsmith

Professor of Gerontology

Andy Hira


Faculty of Communications, Arts & Technology (FCAT)

Robert Woodbury


John Maxwell


Thecla Schiphorst

Professor & Director

Howard Jang


Suzanne Norman


Stuart Poyntz

Associate Dean

Aoife Mac Namara

Dean of the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology

Faculty of Environment (FEnv)

Mark Roseland

Director of the Centre for Sustainable Development

Faculty of Health Science (FHS)

Paola Ardiles


Mark Lechner

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Science

Peter Ruben

Associate Dean

Zamir Punja


David Campbell

Associate Professor

Digital Health Hub

Sylvain Moreno



Mark Bodnar

Liaison Librarian


Shawn Smith

Director of Social Innovation

Coast Capital Savings Venture Connection

Peter Payne

Co-Associate Director

Janice OBriain

Associate Director