Charles Chang Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CCCIE)

Open to students in any faculty at Simon Fraser University, the Charles Chang Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CCCIE) develops future entrepreneurs using the power of learning by doing. As CCCIE students learn and apply market-based approaches to innovation and venture development, they also cultivate connections between peers, faculty members, and experienced entrepreneurs. Equipped with the skills and acumen to create, collaborate and adapt, students will be ready to navigate a world that is rapidly changing.

An Interdisciplinary Pathway to Entrepreneurialism

At the heart of CCCIE is the interplay between new ideas and different perspectives. The certificate was developed as a collaboration within SFU to foster interdisciplinary skills and teamwork. The certificate is hosted by SFU’s Beedie School of Business, in collaboration with the Faculties of Applied Sciences; Communication, Art and Technology; Environment; Science; and Health Science. The certificate is also supported by SFU’s Venture Connection Student Incubator.

True to its interdisciplinary core, CCCIE draws from the strengths of SFU to provide students with a robust, engaging and balanced entrepreneurial journey:

  • Students take six courses (a minimum of 21 units) that cover different aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation, including management, technology, and social change.
  • The program begins with an introductory course in entrepreneurship and innovation before moving into three foundational classes focused on getting the resources you need, hands-on innovation, and project management.
  • Students take a "choose your own adventure" approach to designing their own journey. They can take a relevant class within their own or any other faculties. These include classes focused on design, mechatronics, sustainability, health, product development, and many more.
  • Finally, the certificate concludes with the Certificate Capstone course—providing students with an opportunity to run their own self-driven project based on solving problems and creating solutions that matter to them and to the world. From there, we can provide a springboard for future entrepreneurship opportunities and support.

The Charles Chang Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is delivered by the Beedie School of Business in collaboration with the Faculties of Applied Sciences; Communications, Arts and Technologies; Environment and Science; Health Science; and the School of Political Science with the support of RADIUS and Coast Capital Savings Venture Connection.


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