Internal Case Competitions

Be Driven | Internal case competitions are an opportunity for you to “learn by doing.” We invite Business Majors and Business Joint Majors to try out the case competition experience by participating in our internal competitions. We offer different tiers of competition to suit a variety of students, from those who are new to case competitions to those who are preparing to compete nationally and internationally.

Love the competition experience? We encourage students with 91+ units (credit hours) to apply for the BUS 492 Business Case Analysis course.

Eligibility for Internal Case Competitions

  • Students must be enrolled as a Business Major or Business Joint Major at the time of registration. Business Minor students and non-Business students are NOT eligible to compete in Beedie’s internal case competitions but may be interested in other SFU internal competitions.
  • Students must have a 2.67 cumulative GPA at the time of registration.
  • Students must have the appropriate number of completed units required for the competition (as indicated below).
  • Students who have participated in CaseCamp, Peak Performance or Elite competitions may participate again in internal case competitions.
  • Students who have represented the Beedie School of Business at an external case competition are NOT eligible to compete but may choose instead to be a senior student coach for a Peak team.
  • If any competition team members are found to be ineligible, we will replace the ineligible team member with an eligible student from the individual registration wait list.

Beedie Upcoming Internal Case Competitions

There are no upcoming case competitions.

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Beedie Internal Case Competitions

CaseCamp – March (registration begins in February)

An introduction to all things case competition. This is a full weekend of learning and competing. The event starts with a day of workshops designed to introduce case analysis strategy.At the close of the workshops, cases will be distributed to teams. Students will then have the next 12-16 hours to work on their case before competing the following morning. CaseCamp highlights a different concentration each year. Teams are made up of four students who are business majors or joint majors.  First priority registration is for students with 0-70 units completed.

Peak Performance – July (registration begins in May)

An internal 24-hour case competition for teams made up of four students each with 0-59 units completed. A Beedie student with 60+ units may be assigned as the team’s coach.Peak Performance offers students a chance to learn about the case competition environment.

Elite Case Challenge – July (registration begins in May)

An internal 24-hour case competition for students with 51+ units completed.Teams are made up of four students with the goal of building their competition skills for regional, national or international competitions.

Other SFU Internal Competitions:

SFU Student Entrepreneur of the Year (SEY) – Fall

Hosted by the student-run organization Enactus SFU , Student Entrepreneur of the Year (SEY) is a Dragon's Den-style competition that brings together SFU's finest entrepreneurs to compete for funding and resources to take their venture to the next level. SEY is open to students from all SFU faculties and departments.

Visit SEY's website for more information.

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