Be Driven | In order to compete against the best, you’ll need to be trained by the best. Beedie offers three training opportunities to prepare you for internal and external case competitions.

Bring all of your tools and knowledge together to compete against some of the top universities in the world:




Training for


CaseCamp (Mar)

Internal case competitions


BUS 492 (May-Aug)

Regional, National, International case competitions


Case Analysis Drop-Ins (Jun)

Internal case competitions


BUS 492 (Sep-Dec)

Regional, National, International case competitions

  1. CaseCamp is part-training, part-internal competition. Offered each year in March, CaseCamp is a full weekend of learning and competing. You will take part in a full day of workshops before applying your newly acquired skills in a case analysis competition against your peers. Application/registration opens in February.

  2. The Case Analysis Drop-in series is a set of four workshops held over four weeks to teach you case analysis strategy and presentation skills. These workshops are primarily reserved for students selected for the Peak Performance and Elite Case Challenge internal competitions. However, if space allows, this series will be open to other Beedie students.

  3. BUS 492-Business Case is a for-credit course that is delivered as a 4-hour weekly seminar. Enrollment is limited to 24 students who must apply and interview for a seat in the course. Course pre-requisites and additional information is available on the course outline. This course is designed to prepare you for regional, national, and international case competitions. See upcoming and past competitions. If you would like further information on this course please email the Student Engagement Office at

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