Club Funding

Be Engaged | Beedie is proud to offer funding to support student-run clubs through the Student Engagement Office (SEO).

SEO provides two types of financial support: annual club funding and single event sponsorship.

Beedie Funded Status Group

This funding is a yearlong sponsorship agreement between a Beedie student–run club and Beedie SEO. A call for applications is sent out each year in April. Funded clubs must meet minimum standards set by SEO throughout the year to maintain sponsorship. See funding criteria below.

Beedie Event Sponsored Group

This funding is designated for single events organized by a Beedie student club.


  1. Consult the funding criteria outlined below. Submit an Initial Event Plan at least 6 weeks prior to the event.
  2. The Detailed Event Plan is due no later than 4 weeks prior to the event.
  3. After the event, submit an After Action Report within 2 weeks of the event date.

Funding Criteria and Considerations

Breadth: Maximizing educational experience of the entire student body. Priority is given to expenditures that affect the greatest proportion of BBA students.

Depth: Maximizing the quality of experience. Value of experience should be measured in order of a) academic or professional, or b) social impact

Legacy: Expenditures should be designed to develop and promote long–term benefits for the BBA program such as annual events, physical amenities or communication vehicles (i.e. website design)

Sound Planning: Student planning and management of proposed funding allocation should employ sound management processes and application, including developing detailed recording of planning including an After Action Report. This will facilitate future planning.

Multiple Funding Sources: Student activity should not rely solely on Beedie SEO for funding. Organizers are responsible for diversifying revenue sources. SPECIALTY Activity or event should focus on stated organization purpose, goals, mission.

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