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Planning It Right 

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Developing the foundational skills to successfully plan events in student organizations 

 What is Planning It Right?

Whether you are interested in planning an event or responsible for a planning a banquet, conference, social, or fundraiser in a student organization, Planning It Right will help you understand how to successfully prepare and execute a successful event. Program subjects include, timelines, team management, budgeting, marketing, logistics, and venues. 

What is included in Planning It Right?

  • Online - Canvas course June 4th - July 27th
  • One day in-person workshop July 28th 
  • Planning It Right certificate upon program completion
  • Event planning resources   

 This program is for BBA Business students and students holding roles in Beedie student organizations. 

To register for Planning It Right 2018: Registration opens May 16th - May 30th 

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Beedie Protége

Developing the skills to empower Beedie’s emerging leaders

What is Beedie Protége?

Beedie Protége is a series of workshops that will provide you with the essential hands on skills you need to be successful in student organization positions. It will set you apart from others and teach you how to be a better leader within student organizations. Here is a sampling of what a combination of Professionals, Alumni & Senior students will help you learn:

  • Self awareness:  learn about what your strengths are and how to best utilize them in a team environment
  • Business communication:  learn strategies and techniques to be a more effective communicator   
  • Event planning:  learn how to plan and execute a successful event
  • HR processes:  learn how to handle challenging situations and interactions that often occur in student organizations  
  • Working with external stakeholders:  learn how to build and maintain relationships with industry professionals

Beedie Protége participants are students that have just begun their leadership journey.  In their first year in the Beedie School of Business, participants have a drive, commitment, and interest in taking on greater leadership roles within Beedie student organizations in the future. 

Beedie Protege is now finished for the 2018 year. Applications for Spring 2019 will open in Fall 2018. 

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