International Exchange

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The Beedie School of Business recognizes the impact of educating students within a global context, developing diversity in the academic community, and encouraging students to extend their learning beyond our borders.

What is exchange?

Participating in an exchange term is when you study abroad spending one, two, or three semesters at one of our partner universities while earning credit towards your degree and paying SFU tuition. Full term exchanges occur during the Fall and Spring semesters. Some part-time Summer exchange terms are offered through our partners.

When should I apply?

Students can apply once they have 36 units completed (12 of which must be from SFU) and once they have a 2.67 CGPA.

When can I go?

Students can apply January 25th for the upcoming Summer, Fall and Spring semesters or June 15th for the upcoming Spring semester.

What is the benefit?

Going on exchange gives students the opportunity to travel and study simultaneously, often becoming the most memorable experience of their undergraduate degree. We have over forty highly esteemed Business partners around the globe, giving students the amazing opportunity of experiencing Business in a different context and culture. Moreover, this opportunity allows students to continue earning credits towards their degree while traveling, learning a new language, and experiencing new cultures.

By taking part in an international education students are more innovative, adaptable, and well-prepared to compete in the ever globalized market. Do not limit yourself, think global – BEGlobal.

Start planning your international exchange experience!

Application deadlines are January 25 (for the following Summer, Fall, and Spring terms) and June 15 (for the remaining Spring spaces) of each year.

Step 1. Determine your eligibility

Step 2. Learn about Beedie’s different international programs

Step 3. Choose a destination

Step 4. Read about the experiences of fellow Beedie students

Step 5. Attend a one–on–one advising session

Step 6. Plan your courses

Step 7. Research funding options

Step 8. Apply for Exchange!

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