About the Program

Not everyone is able to adapt life to the rigorous timetable of a face-to-face business program. That’s why we developed the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. It utilizes an online learning environment that lets you study when it is convenient to your schedule, from wherever you are.

Put new business skills to work right away

The Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (GDBA) includes a series of graduate level courses that provide core business skills to working professionals. This convenient, practical alternative to traditional classroom-based programs grounds you in business theory and practice.

Accounting. Finance. Economics. Marketing. Business Statistics. Management Information Systems. Ethics. Human Resource Management. As you supplement your practical work experience with these core courses, you’ll broaden your understanding of the way business operates and your role in it. You'll have the language and knowledge to communicate with people in other business functions than your own. It’s a great way to prepare yourself to confidently take the next step in your career.

The program is designed to be completed in six consecutive semesters or two years while working full-time. However, some students find that their work or life situation will allow them to take a heavier course load of two courses per semester, and choose to complete the program in a shorter time frame.

Thinking about the MBA?

The GDBA is a great way to start your MBA at SFU Beedie. Most GDBA courses in which a B grade is obtained, can be transferred for advance credit in the MBA, allowing you to complete your MBA in less time. You can start online and then move into face to face mode when you are ready. Students can use the GDBA to shorten the time it takes for the MBA; to test the waters a bit - to see if an MBA is right for them; to take advantage of flexibility of online delivery before moving into a face to face program or even to improve their grade point average to qualify for admission to the MBA.

If you finish the GDBA with a 3.5 CGPA, you will be waived the GMAT requirement for the MBA.  

If an MBA isn't your goal, that's okay too - many students find that what they learn in the program meets their current needs. And in the future, the door to an MBA is always open.

Is this program right for you?

Students work in areas as diverse as retail, government, not-for-profits, IT, education, professional services, and the film industry. Some work for large companies and are preparing for roles in management. Others are self-employed and feel the need to better understand business operations. Still others are looking to change careers or are simply motivated by the pursuit of knowledge. Some already know that after they graduate they’ll start up their own companies, others will go into advanced graduate work for a Master in Business Administration.

Class Profile

In the GDBA you will study in a class of approximately 30 people. Often you'll work on assignments in small teams. Many of these people will become life-long friends and business associates.

This program is designed for individuals who already have an undergraduate degree and want to learn core business skills, perhaps, as a first step to an MBA program.

The average age is 30 and the class is approximately a 50:50 male to female ratio.

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At a glance

  • Online
  • 1–2 years 8–24 months
  • Cost: $16,000*
  • *Subject to Board of Governors approval.

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