Moving to Vancouver


You will probably need to arrange for utilities. Some apartments are rented with all utilities included in the monthly rent. However, for most rental units you will be responsible for opening accounts to pay for these services.

Renters should check with their landlords for details about which utilities they need to pay and then arrange to pay them.

Essential utilities & services:

Cell Phone

Getting a Vancouver cell (mobile) phone number is probably the first thing you are going to need to sort out when you get into town. You need a phone number to get accommodation, for banks to get a bank account, and to put on your resume, to get a job.

Approximately 90% of cell phone users in Canada subscribe to one of the three largest Canadian telecom companies.

Key questions to ask, before you sign a contract:

➢What will it cost to terminate your contract for your mobile phone in Canada?
➢Is caller ID included?
➢Are there extra costs for additional texts/minutes?
➢Are there roaming fees?
➢What happens in event of damage?
➢What is covered under contract?

Some quick facts:

➢Pre-Paid Service. A very expensive service in Canada. A big difference with Latin America is that there is no such thing as “Pay per call”, instead you are charged "Pay-as-you-go". Most plans charge you for receiving calls - a bizarre concept for many immigrants.
➢Contracts run for a minimum of two years. However, you can sometimes sell your plan or pay a fine to break your contract.
➢Caller ID and voice mail require additional fees, whether on a contract or pay-as-you-go.

Moving and Storage

If you're planning to move, there are some companies that offer storage and moving services for a fee. One such company is Campus Servus, which offers a variety of storage and moving services specifically for international students.

Note: This company is neither endorsed by, nor affiliated with, Simon Fraser University. This information is simply listed as a resource for students looking for moving and storage services. Simon Fraser University assumes no liability for any disputes arising from any of the services advertised. You should be aware that you will need to pay for this service and it should be an arrangement you have researched and feel comfortable with.


You signed an agreement for housing and now you should start thinking about furniture for your new home. Some places to look:

➢Community newspapers:

➢Internet classified services:

➢Word of mouth: you should ask your neighbors, the landlord, the coffee shop close to your place, etc. Networking is the key to success in Canada.
➢Retail. If you need help, please ask any advisor for a guide.

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