Beedie Professor Gervase Bushe wins award for article in Organizational Development Journal

May 18, 2017

Members of the International Society for Organization Development and Change have voted to name an article co-authored by Beedie Professor Gervase Bushe as the best article published in the Organizational Development Journal during 2016. The award was presented at the society’s conference on May 17, 2017.

The article, entitled The Dialogic Mindset: Leading Emergent Change in a Complex World, was co-authored by Bushe with Robert J. Marshak from American University. In the article, the authors continue their exploration of Dialogic Organization Development, now looking at the leadership competencies required to lead transformational change.

“In the last couple of years I’ve shifted my focus from the methods of transformational change to the kind of leadership required to use these methods,” says Bushe. “I’m calling this Generative Leadership, and as we describe in this article, it provides a much needed alternative to the “visionary” narrative of leadership that just doesn’t work very well under conditions of complexity.”

The award follows Bushe’s inclusion last year in a prestigious list of the 30 Most Influential Thinkers in the field of Human Resources compiled by the UK’s HR Magazine

Bushe is the Professor of Leadership and Organization Development at the Beedie School of Business. He is an expert in transforming organizational structures, culture and processes away from command and control toward more collaborative work systems. A profile on him and his work appears in the recently published Palgrave Handbook of Organizational Change Thinkers.

He is an award-winning author of over 80 papers and three books on organizational change, leadership, teams, and teamwork, and has won the prestigious Douglas McGregor award twice for his research. He regularly consults on organizational development to corporations around the world.

Click here to see Bushe delivering a talk in January 2017 on Generative Leadership.