Beedie student’s hockey analytics company lands first NHL team client

May 08, 2017

Beedie student Cole Gawenda, manager of HockeyData Inc., which provides data and analytics to teams and agents on players in the American Hockey League. Their first NHL client is the Washington Capitals.

The NHL playoffs are in full swing and as the players focus on the Stanley Cup, SFU Beedie student Cole Gawenda is already looking ahead to next season, and how statistics on American Hockey League (AHL) players might impact the better-known NHL—including its first NHL client team, the Washington Capitals.

The Capitals are one of eight teams currently in this season’s second round of playoffs.

Data from the SFU team at HockeyData Inc. may assist with future planning as the team goes forward. “Our process involves tracking every individual player’s events based on time and location throughout a game,” explains Gawenda, operations manager. “We track each player’s performance and provide this data to the team, which allows them to gain a greater understanding of players in the American Hockey League.”

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