Inside Innovation

What it takes. What it means. What it can do for you.

In this new series from SFU Beedie, we’ll delve inside innovation and reveal what's in store for the world's most disruptive business ideas.

SFU Beedie faculty, alumni and students will take you through the ABCs of the future: from AI to blockchain to drone technology. At the forefront of their industries now, these technologies will soon revolutionize how you live, how you work, how you do just about everything.

This is innovation that will change how you see the world. And how the world itself works.

This Week’s Innovator

Stacey Wallin

Stacey Wallin

Director of Growth at BC Tech

Bachelor of Business Administration

There are tectonic shifts happening in BC’s tech industry. And SFU Beedie BBA alumnus Stacey Wallin is at the forefront. At BC Tech, Stacey leads a team dedicated to ensuring the province’s most cutting-edge companies have access to capital, talent and expertise.

The applications for blockchain go way beyond crypotocurrencies, Stacey says; it’s a foundational change in the way we do things. Watch to find out how.

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