Most Impactful Solution

Team Opportunity Class
Claire Roversi
Margaux Afanyan
Olivier Handelsman
Rohan Skahrani
Green Innovation Consulting: Making recycling easier by the use of colour coded labels on consumer packaging. Grenoble and SFU Joint Semester in Innovation
Jessica Laporte
Gobind Singh
Laetitia Mariotti
Khel: We design school curriculums in order to teach kids academics through the use of a particular sport. Grenoble and SFU Joint Semester in Innovation
Joanne Zhao
Florian Hisselli
Cyril Carré
Hélène Pinneau
Fix-E: A student-run non-profit organization here on SFU Burnaby campus which aims at fixing your computers and raise awareness around e-waste. Grenoble and SFU Joint Semester in Innovation
Phalisha Subaghra
Julie Pichon
Antsa Rabenjamina
Teddy Beau
E.Hub: E.Hub is the only online platform tailored for SFU students and faculty members to facilitate the transactions surrounding the sale, purchase and rent of second hand electronic devices, through the convenience of an on-campus location. With this project we aim to reduce e-waste and allow you to make supplementary income from electronic devices which you no longer use while providing our customers with affordable deals. Grenoble and SFU Joint Semester in Innovation
Jenny Phuong
Brian Nguyen
Dainne Doan
Issac Young
Green on Top: An innovative extensive green roofing system for residential development. The largest assets acquired in most people’s lives is their home. Green on Top’s mission is to provide residential homes with extensive green roofing systems. BUS 342 Foundations of Entrepreneurship
Aavis Bhindi
Raymond Kaila
Helen Shi
Brain Shield: The first safety patch in the market for all football athletes that can be applied to the outer shell of any helmet in order to significantly enhance safety by reducing concussions and head trauma upon impact. BUS 338 Foundations of Innovation
Michelle Martin
Andrew Simard
Gobind Singh
artsALLY: Launching in Vancouver, artsALLY is an online portal that features artist profiles, searchable artworks, art recommendations, and local art news and event postings. artsAlly supports local artists to extend their reach and sell their work, and enables communities to more easily discover, enjoy and procure local art. President’s Dream Colloquium on Entrepreneurship
Nikki Aulakh
Sena Jeong
Hayley Chan
Rose Huang
Lorraine Feng
The Food Recovery Team (participating in the 100 Mile Catering project). The Food Recovery Team performs waste diversion activities in a sustainable and humanitarian manner for 100 Mile Catering by donating residual meals to charities. BUS 444 Business Marketing
Joel Bradsen
Amy Cao
Christine Zhao
Drew House
Nate Mach
The Data Mining team (participating in the 100 Mile Catering project). Our role in 100 miles focused on obtaining information on pricing and food miles and cross comparing such data to lower costs and carbon footprint generated by the food served. BUS 444 Business Marketing
Joseph Boule
Kimberly Nguyen-Don
Ivan Shchukin
3D Printed Bones: Our aim is to 3D print bones for implantation using titanium or calcium sulphate. Our objective is to reduce surgery time and improve patient recovery. BUS 338 Foundations of Innovation
Christina Liu
William Xian
Ida-Maria Mannonen
Science Models: 3D printed models for blind students BUS 338 Foundations of Innovation
David Moradi
Qingwei Ren
Henry Tsue
Farmer's Relationship Group: As a part of supply chain our group is responsible for acquiring local produce from local farmers. This is inline with 100 Miles catering goals to use locally produced ingredients. BUS 444 Business Marketing
Shirley Ng
Gina Dhaliwal
Isabel Tan
Camille Fort
Elaine Ngai
Waste Diversion Team: The waste diversion team's job was to minimize the amount of waste going straight to the landfills. We worked with SFU's Zero Waste Initiative program to set up clearly labelled zero-waste bins at each 100 Mile event. We created instructional signs and methods of educating people begin diverting waste correctly. BUS 444 Business Marketing
Avery Tong
Timofey Zhirenkin
Lindsey Shim
Marketing Team: The marketing team attributed in increasing the awareness of 100 Mile Catering(a company that provides vegetarian lunch at an affordable price on SFU campus) that led to the purchase decision. The team was in charge of designing and distribution of promotional materials such as posters and leaflets, advertising on Facebook, creating a website, and the loyalty program. BUS 444 Business Marketing

Most Innovative Technological Solution

Team Opportunity Class
Noushin Emami
Anne Bedry
Anne Semeriai
Water: How can we change our behaviour and be more responsible while keeping the shower experience unique and relaxing? Our new shower concept is the solution to this question! It combines relaxing features (LEDs on the shower head but also speakers) and a water meter that displays your real amount and time consumption on a screen. Grenoble and SFU Joint Semester in Innovation
Karen Aflalo
Caroline Prax
Rizwan Qaiser
Sarah Viala
EveryWare: EveryWare is an online platform as a service that enables developers to run their software and OS online and access development tools whenever they want, wherever they are. Grenoble and SFU Joint Semester in Innovation
Joanne Pun
Leo Sun
Milly Hoi
Richard Liang
Wyanne Wong
Little Green Leaf combines daycare services with social media to facilitate greater parent participation in early childhood development. BUS 342 Foundations of Entrepreneurship
Aavis Bhindi
Rahul Chandharh
Jodha Garcha
XiaoMing Liu
Ted Du
Tim Chen
OnlineCampusEvents: We provide an online hub connecting students to clubs and vice versa with convenience. BUS 342 Foundations of Entrepreneurship
Affan Malik
Sam Nijat
Jaan Potiaev
Victor Ng
Cheryl Chan
QuikCup are providers of fast and user friendly coffee via our state-of-the-art vending machines. Our core strength lies in our beautifully designed vending machines, which are going to provide a premium coffee experience to coffee lovers at a fraction of the time it takes them at traditional coffee shops. BUS 342 Foundations of Entrepreneurship
Sambir Kullar
Angela Huang
Sergio Rumantir
Samuel Wijaya
Bliip Box is an online advertising solution helping travel agencies simplify and easily distribute promotional messages through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in the form of one click. We complete the social media publishing process by attaching links to posts and directing customers to a platform of local and national promotional deals. BUS 338 Foundations of Innovation
Alisa Kuan
Keith Leung
Natalia Tsoy
Vickie Gabriel-Hoppington
Hydrogarden, which is complete hydroponics system that allows people living in condos to grow vegetables and herbs indoors all year round without any soil. BUS 338 Foundations of Innovation
Ben Hellner
Aurelian Sudan
Jack Liu
Bio Lamp is a self-sustainable light powered by dirt and water, made for greenhouse owners who desire a lighting system off-the-grid. BUS 338 Foundations of Innovation

Most Investable Opportunity

Team Opportunity Class
Maxime Pautet
Morgane Auffret
Louis Vagogne
Carole Attia
La Tartine: Providing a low key and economically accessible French gastronomy experience to the citizens of Vancouver. We will combine the use of local products with some of the French finest recipes and create an eco & design packaging. We focus on quality, creativity, transparence and respect in order to make each customer feel part of the French Community. Grenoble and SFU Joint Semester in Innovation
Amandine Subias
Mark Anthony Wijaya
Yann Chevalier
Noémie Frohn
Melting Pot: Strives to provide its community with the best hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind chutney by using reclaimed fruit and vegetables. Grenoble and SFU Joint Semester in Innovation
Florence Carricondo
Juliette Deneuville
Loïse Mercier
Sivansh Padhy
BLISS: The Bliss Shelf combines Tropical air-cleaning plants and a simply designed wooden wall-mounted shelf. It’s also an impressive symbol of eco-friendliness. Grenoble and SFU Joint Semester in Innovation
Jordan Schwartz
Cyrielle Marconnet
Maxime Rossell
Louis Mabru
Wet Coast: The Wet Coast Toque, it combines function with fashion as it offers waterproof protection in a design that appeals to wearers based on west coast style. Grenoble and SFU Joint Semester in Innovation
Sam Kullar
Sonny Thind
Ming Tao Lee
Joseph Power
Jaspreet Sangha
Build-It-Poutinerie: A create-your-own poutine restaurant with a pay-by-weight revenue structure that will cater to office workers, shoppers, and late-night crowds of major metropolitan areas in North America. BUS 342 Foundations of Entrepreneurship
Tim Samarasinghe
Carmen Javier
Kevin Kumar
Noelia Brillante
Synergy Solutions: A complete Car Control System is a complete car control system composed of a free downloadable smartphone app, a vehicle hardware device, and cloud network service connecting the consumer’s vehicle to their compatible smartphone. Synergy Solutions creates a symbiotic relationship with the car and the owner, allowing for real time control and reports of their vehicle. BUS 342 Foundations of Entrepreneurship
Carmen Chu
Ashton Charbonneau
Manisha Narula
Ivan Shchukin
Jacky Liu
OnRoute is an online and mobile platform that enables users to outsource their chores, with pickup and delivery services being the primary focus. BUS 342 Foundations of Entrepreneurship
Isabella Ng
Jim Wang
Catherine Liu
Debra Wong
Elaine Lee
The Purchasing and Budgeting team (participating in the 100 Mile Catering project). Our team strives to balance profitability and high quality with low cost, in order to align with 100 Mile Catering’s vision of low price, localized, and sustainable food products. BUS 444 Business Marketing
Harrison Chiu
Malinda Mackinnon
Min Li
Ted Du
Sprout Coffee: A work friendly cafe that brings together Vancouver's creative community for a great social experience. BUS 338 Foundations of Innovation
Mohak Goel
Money Gill
Carolyn Cheung
Brandon Chapman
Constructify is a cloud-based communication and scheduling software for general and sub-contractors in the construction industry. It is unique as it enables seamless vertical and horizontal communication. BUS 338 Foundations of Innovation
Megan Shaw
Jessica Gill
Adebiyi Aderinto
Campus Coupons is mobile application that provides students with access to a wide range of coupons for the things they enjoy, allowing these low-income individuals the chance to save money in the most convenient way BUS 338 Foundations of Innovation
Rachelle Roberto
Deng Pan
Paul Tseng
Ramin Reyhani
Facefries in a unique facial recognition software that can detect your face and recreate it into an avatar in just a few simple clicks. BUS 338 Foundations of Innovation
Travis Booth
Henry Chan
Roger Kwong
Ming Tao Lee
Amiicus is a new mobile app focused on reducing missed vet appointments and lost revenue, by helping pet owners comply with pet care instructions, appointment scheduling, and giving their veterinarian(s) a network presence. BUS 338 Foundations of Innovation
Anne-Marie Kroitzsch
Harpreet Rosodi
Ethan O'Brien
Ryan Magdanz
Yc Chan
James Belgrave
PREMIUM x DIPS. We are an automotive refinishing company using a product know as Plasti-Dip to repaint rims, decals, and entire cars. The product goes on like any other paint but is rubber based and 100% removable. BUS 342 Foundations of Entrepreneurship
Andrew Chu
Mario Fong
Sondos Dalal
Mike (Woong Jin) Lee
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Team: In the CRM team, we felt that a CRM system was more than just an application, but rather, an actual framework which consisted of more integrated top-­-down communications, an online solution for handling live interactive communications, as well as a formal weekly production dashboard. BUS 444 Business Marketing
Gurm Pandher
Hafeez Punjani
Henry Lam
Michael Rockwood
Shopping Team: We are a part of the 100 Mile Catering Supply Chain Initiative as the Shopping Team in Lisa Papania's Business Marketing class at SFU. Ideally, all of the required ingredients would be sourced locally from farmers' markets or farms, but when this is not possible, our team acts as 100 Mile Catering's Insurance policy to purchase the goods from local supermarkets, trying to seek cost effective strategies. BUS 444 Business Marketing