The Beedie PhD Program

At the Beedie School of Business, we strive to prepare our PhD students to contribute at leading international academic institutions. This unique PhD program is designed to help them develop exceptional abilities in research and teaching.

The Beedie PhD graduates are found on the faculties of  a wide range of institutions in North America, Europe and Asia. In the last 5 years, we have placed our PhDs  at many schools including Monash University, Kent State University, King's College London, Western Michigan University, University of Stirling, Renmin University of China, University of New South Wales, Wichita State University, Dominican University of California, Babson College and Brock University.

Hybrid Program (Course and Mentor-based)
The Beedie PhD Program is a hybrid program which combines a course-based program and a mentor-based program. The goal is to develop highly capable scholars for careers in academe via displinary rigor through apprenticeship and source courses; and interdisciplinary relevance through program coursework. 

The course based program draws on the best North American practices. Students are required to take interdisciplinary program courses (core and focused) and disciplinary sourced courses (specialization and methods).

The mentor-based program draws from the supervision model and apprenticeship model. Students are matched with supervisors in their area of research interest and supported throughout their program. Students collaboratively develop their own curriculum to meet the challenges and the opportunities of research. The intention is that students begin conducting research at an early stage.

  • Early match with faculty supervisors
  • Small cohort accepted each year
  • Choice of specialization
  • Coursework plan customized to student research interests
  • Guaranteed financial support

At a Glance

  • Hybrid program (course and mentor-based)
  • Full time (length: 4- 5 years)
  • Early match with supervisors
  • Guaranteed financial support

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