Current PhD students

More than half the Beedie School of Business PhD Students originate from outside Canada. The student body represents great cultural diversity. The students possess knowledge, skills and experience from a wide range of industries including Economics, Finance, Psychology, Information Technology, Computing Science, Biological Science, Engineering and Fine Arts.

This wealth of experience is complemented by the PhD program which offers tailored coursework in an environment conducive to the development of research portfolios. Students are mentored one on one with the Beedie faculty members facilitating the research efforts of both.


Emily Treen (Senior Supervisor: Leyland Pitt) 

Yu (Yunzhijun) Yu (Senior Supervisor: Brent McFerran)

Stefanie Beninger (Senior Supervisor: June Francis)

Sarah Lord Ferguson (Senior Supervisor: Leyland Pitt) 


Sara Graves (Senior Supervisor: Stephanie Bertels), Innovation 

Pooria Assadi (Senior Supervisor: Andrew von Nordenflycht), Strategy

Tao Wang (Senior Supervisor: Pek Hooi Soh), Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Shuna Ho (Senior Supevisor: Chang Hoon Oh), International Business and Strategy

Monica Semeniuk (Senior Supervisor: Mila Lazarova), International Business

Ebru Ipek (Senior Supervisor: Mila Lazarova), International Business 

Vanessa Shum (Senior Supervisor: Natalie Zhao), Organization Studies

Andrew Park (Senior Supervisor: Elicia Maine), Entrepreneurship and Innovation 


Cynthia (Xin) Li (Senior Supervisor: Karel Hrazdil), Financial Accounting 

Simon Suwanyangyuan (Senior Supervisor: Karel Hrazdil), Financial Accounting


Ming Xin Li (Senior Supervisor: Christina Atanasova)

M. Emrul Hasan (Senior Supervisor: Peter Klein)

Saman (Sam) Monfared (Senior Supervisor: Andrey Pavlov)

Husna Memon (Senior Supervisor: Christina Atanasova) 

At a Glance

  • Hybrid program (course and mentor-based)
  • Full time (length: 4- 5 years)
  • Early match with supervisors
  • Guaranteed financial support

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