Blaize Reich

Dean, Beedie School of Business
RBC Professor of Technology and Innovation
B.A. Economics; M.Sc., Ph.D. (UBC)

Segal Room: SGL 4235
Segal Phone: 778.782.7664
Burnaby Room: WMC 5310
Burnaby Phone: 778.782.4183

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Professor Blaize Horner Reich came to academia after 15 years as an information technology (IT) professional and consultant to industry in both Canada and Asia.She is Dean of the Beedie School of BUsiness at SFU and holds the title RBC Professor of Technology and Innovation. Reich and her research group  have been awarded several national Social Science and Humanities Research Council grants to explore ways to improve the success of IT-enabled business projects. She collaborates with colleagues on topics in mobile technology, IT service quality, and IT governance and risk management. Dr. Reich is the Board Chair for RADIUS, the Beedie School social innovation initative, and is the founding academic leader and national advisory board member of the Business Technology Management program, an initiative of the Information and Technology Association of Canada (

Dr. Reich has served on several corporate boards and currently sits on two professional association boards – Information and Communications Technology Council ( ) and the New Ventures BC Society ( as well as the Vancouver Opera board.

Reich's interest in innovation and entrepreneurship extends to investing in technology companies started by friends and Canadians on Kickstarter but she is still waiting for her first big windfall.

Specialization and Research Interests

Improving IT Project Performance, Board level Governance of IT, Aligning Business and Information Technology, Strategic Information Systems.

Selected Publications

IT Governance and IT-Business Alignment

  • Parent & Reich (2009). Governing information technology risk. California Management Review 51:3, 133-152.
  • Chan & Reich (2007). IT alignment: What have we learned? Journal of Information Technology 22.4: 297-315.
  • Reich & Benbasat (2000). Factors that influence the social dimension of alignment between business and information technology objectives. MIS Quarterly 24.1: 81-113.
  • Reich & Benbasat (1996). Measuring the linkage between business and information technology objectives. MIS Quarterly 20.1: 55-81.
  • Reich & Benbasat (1990). An empirical investigation of factors influencing the success of customer-oriented strategic systems. Information Systems Research 1.3: 325-347.

IT Competence and Knowledge

  • Reich & Brown (2003). Creating social and intellectual capital through IT career transitions. Journal of Strategic Information Systems 12.2: 91-109.
  • Basselier, Benbasat & Reich (2003). The influence of business managers IT competence on championing IT. Information Systems Research 14.4: 317-336.
  • Basselier, Reich & Benbasat (2001). Information technology competence of business managers: A definition and research model. Journal of Management Information Systems 17.4: 159-182.
  • Reich & Kaarst-Brown (1999). Seeding the line: Understanding the transition from IT to non-IT careers. MIS Quarterly 23.3: 337-364.

Knowledge Management in IT-enabled Business Projects

  • Gemino, A.C., Reich, B.H., and Sauer, C. “Plans versus People: Comparing Knowledge Management Approaches in IT-enabled Business Projects``, accepted for publication by International Journal of Project Management. 
  • Reich, B.H., Gemino, A.C., and Sauer, C. (2014) “How Knowledge Management Impacts Performance in Projects: An Empirical Study”, International Journal of Project Management, 31, 2014, pp 590-602.
  • Reich (2007). Managing knowledge and learning in IT projects: A conceptual framework and guidelines for practice. Project Management Journal 38.2: 5-17.

Predicting Project Management Success

  • Gemino, Reich & Sauer (2008). A temporal model of information technology project performance. Journal of Management Information Systems 24.3: 9-44.
  • Sauer, Gemino & Reich (2007). The impact of size and volatility on IT project performance. Communications of the ACM 50.11: 79-84.

Theorizing Project Management

  • Reich et al (2013). Developing better theory about project organizations. International Journal of Project Management 31.7: 938-942.
  • Sauer and Reich (2007). What do we want from a theory of Project Management. A response to Rodney Turner. International Journal of Project Management 25.1: 1-2.

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