Brent Lyons

Assistant Professor, Management and Organization Studies
PhD (Michigan State), MA (Michigan), BSc Hons (Queen's)

Burnaby Room: WMC 4305
Burnaby Phone: 778.782.4728
Surrey Room: SUR 5049
Surrey Phone: 778.782.3919

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Specialization and Research Interests

Stigma, identity, and interpersonal mistreatment

Selected Publications

Articles and Reports

Brent Lyons; Sabrina Volpone; Jennifer L. Wessel; Natalya Alonso

Disclosing a disability: Do strategy type and onset controllability make a difference?

2017 | Journal of Applied Psychology.

Abdifatah Ali; Brent Lyons; Ann Marie Ryan

Managing a perilous stigma: Ex-offenders use of reparative impression management tactics in hiring contexts

2017 | Journal of Applied Psychology.

Brent Lyons; Simon M. Pek; Jennifer L. Wessel

Towards a "sunlit path": Stigma identity management as a source of localized social change through interaction

2017 | Academy of Management Review.

Brent Lyons; Chris D. Zatzick; Gervase Bushe; Tracy Thompson

Stigma identity concealment in hybrid organizational cultures

2017 | Journal of Social Issues.

Lieke ten Brummelhuis; Gary Johns; Brent Lyons; Claartje L. Ter Hoeven

Why and when do employees imitate the absenteeism of co-workers?

2016 | Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. 134: 16-30

Brent Lyons; Larry R. Martinez; Enrica N. Ruggs; Ann M. Ryan; Michelle R. Hebl; Katherine R. O'Brien; Adam Roebuck

To say or not to say: Different strategies of acknowledging a visible disability

2016 | Journal of Management.

Abdifatah A. Ali; Ann M. Ryan; Brent Lyons; M G. Ehrhart; Jennifer Wessel

The long road to employment: Incivility experienced by job seekers.

2016 | Journal of Applied Psychology. 101(3): 333-349

I A. Wu; Brent Lyons; Frederick T. Leong

How racial/ethnic bullying affects rejection sensitivity: The role of social dominance orientation

2015 | Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology. 21: 156-161

Brent Lyons; Jennifer L. Wessel; Yi Chiew Tai; Ann M. Ryan

Strategies of job seekers related to age-related stereotypes

2014 | Journal of Managerial Psychology. 29(8): 1009-1027

Brent Lyons; Jennifer Wessel; Sonia Ghumman; Ann M. Ryan; Sooyeol Kim

Applying models of employee identity management across cultures: Christianity in the USA and South Korea.

2014 | Journal of Organizational Behavior. 35(5): 678-704

Brent Lyons; Brent A. Scott

Integrating social exchange and affective explanations for the receipt of help and harm: A social network approach

2012 | Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. 117: 66-79

Chu-Hsiang Chang; Brent Lyons

Not all aggressions are created equal: A multi-foci approach to workplace aggression

2012 | Journal of Occupational Health Psychology. 17(1): 79-92

Frederick T. Leong; Brent Lyons

Ethical challenges for cross-cultural research conducted by psychologists from the USA

2010 | Ethics & Behavior. 20(3-4): 250-264

Books, Book Chapters and Monographs

Brent Lyons; Mark M. Leach; Frederick T. Leong; Michael J. Stevens; Geoff Lindsay; Andrea Ferrero; Yesim Korkut

A call for ethical standards regulating cross-cultural research conducted by American psychologists

2012 | The International Handbook of Ethics. 149-160

Brent Lyons; Frederick T. Leong; Ann M. Ryan

Ethical challenges to conducting multinational organizational research

2012 | Conducting Multinational Research: Applying Organizational Psychology in the Workplace. 149-178

Harris Cooper; Frederick T. Leong; Neal Schmitt; Brent Lyons

Developing testable and important research questions

2012 | The APA Handbook of Research Methods in Psychology. Chapter 7: 119-132

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