Drew Parker

Associate Professor, Management Information Systems
B.Com., M.B.A. (Calgary), Ph.D. (Western Ontario)

Burnaby Room: WMC 3327
Burnaby Phone: 778.782.3102

Email Address: drew@sfu.ca

Personal Website: http://parker.bus.sfu.ca

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Dr. Drew Parker, who joined SFU Business in 1984, holds a Canada Trust Excellence in Teaching award (2002) and has a particular interest in online learning. He was among the first professors at SFU to develop and teach on-line courses and devotes much of his research to this topic. Recent projects include an examination of human-computer interface design issues for knowledge cohesion and retention in group discussion tools; an investigation of multimedia effects on coherence in knowledge-sharing environments; and instant messaging group task performance. Parker, who is originally from Alberta, likes to take advantage of BC's outdoors - he enjoys skiing, snowboarding and wakeboarding as well as off-road touring in his Jeep.

Specialization and Research Interests

Strategic adoption of information technology, theory development in human-computer interaction; multimedia and web-based virtual meetings, with a particular emphasis on group performance and learning environments, computer and communications technology, business applications on the internet; internet policy issues, telecommunications and
networking, so-called Web 2.0 and its impact on business.

Selected Publications

Articles and Reports

Peter M. Tingling, Andrew C. Gemino, & Drew C. Parker

Changing channels: The impact of Web 2.0 on supply chain management

2011 | Production and Inventory Management Journal. 47(2): 31-44

Andrew C. Gemino, & Drew C. Parker

Use case diagrams in support of use case modeling: Deriving understanding from the picture

2009 | Journal of Database Management. 20(1): 1-24

Kamal Masri, Drew C. Parker, & Andrew C. Gemino

Using iconic graphics in entity-relationship diagrams: The impact on understanding

2008 | Journal of Database Management. 19(3): 22-41

Andrew C. Gemino, Drew C. Parker, & Adrienne T. Olnick kutzschan

Investigating coherence and multimedia effects of a technology-mediated collaborative environment

2006 | Journal of Management Information Systems. 22(3): 97-121

Books, Book Chapters and Monographs

Kamal Masri, Drew C. Parker, Andrew C. Gemino, Keng Siau, & John Erickson

Using graphics to improve understanding in conceptual models

2009 | Principle Advancements in Database Management Technologies: New Applications and Frameworks. Chapter Chapter 15: 310-334

Drew C. Parker, Konstantinos Iaonnou, & Stavros Kotsopoulos


2008 | Heterogeneous Next Generation Networking: Innovations and Platform. Chapter Foreword:

Drew C. Parker, Andrew C. Gemino, Roger Ottewill, Liz Borredon, Laurent Falque, Bruce Macfarlane, & Ann Wall

Moving a university toward on-line learning: Opportunities, challenges, and technologies

2003 | Educational Innovation in Economics and Business. 61-76

Teaching Related Material

Elspeth McKay, Saman Shahryari monfared, Peyman Ajabi Naeini, & Drew C. Parker

Bringing web 2.0 into the learning environment

2013 | Book Chapter, Textbook - New | ePedagogy in Online Learning: New Developments in Web Mediated Human Computer Interaction. Chapter 7: 109-118

Andrew C. Gemino, Drew C. Parker, & Keng Siau

Visual support for use case modeling: An experiment to determine the effectiveness of use case diagrams

2011 | Book Chapter, Textbook - New | Theoretical and Practical Advances in Information Systems Development: Emerging Trends and Approaches. Chapter Chapter 1: 1-19

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