Mark Moore

Senior Lecturer, Strategy
Ph.D., M.Phil, M.A., (Columbia University, NY)B.A. (Carleton University, Ottawa)

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Segal Phone: 778.782.7715
Surrey Room: SUR 5049
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Mark Moore is a Senior Lecturer at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University. He received his PhD in Economics from Columbia University in the City of New York.  He teaches Managerial Economics for the Executive MBA, Management of Technology MBA, and regular MBA programs, and for the Learning Strategies Group. He teaches this course as well for the GDBA (online) program, and for the BBA program. He has supervised MBA projects for the EMBA program and for LSG. He also teaches strategy for the BBA program from time to time.

Prior to coming to SFU, Mark taught business and economics at the University of British Columbia, Colgate University and Columbia University. He was also employed by the Bank of Canada in Ottawa, where he conducted research on monetary policy, international portfolio and direct investment flows, and options pricing methods; and as a consultant to Bankers Trust Company in New York, where he performed risk modelling and analysis of the loan portfolio.

Marks's current research is on the treatment of risk in public project and regulatory evaluation.  He has published several papers on the modelling and estimation of the appropriate social discount rate for use in cost-benefit analysis. He has also published a cost-benefit study of the consequences for consumers, government and shareholders of the privatization of Canadian National, a welfare analysis of the 1996-2001 Canada-US softwood lumber dispute, and a paper on local mixed enterprises.

Specialization and Research Interests

Cost-benefit analysis; social discounting; privatization and regulation; public policy analysis.

Selected Publications

Articles and Reports

Aidan R. Vining; Anthony Boardman; Mark A. Moore

The theory and evidence pertaining to local government mixed enterprises

2014 | Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics. 85(1): 53-86

Mark A. Moore; Anthony Boardman; Aidan R. Vining

The choice of the social discount rate and the opportunity cost of public funds

2013 | Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis. 4(3): 401-409

Anthony E. Boardman; Claude Laurin; Mark A. Moore; Aidan R. Vining

Efficiency, profitability, and welfare gains from the Canadian national railway privatization

2013 | Research in Transportation Business and Management. 6: 19-30

Mark A. Moore; Anthony E. Boardman; Aidan R. Vining

More appropriate discounting: The rate of social time preference and the value of the social discount rate

2013 | Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis. 4(1): 1-16

Anthony E. Boardman; Mark A. Moore; Aidan R. Vining

The social discount rate for Canada based on future growth in consumption

2010 | Canadian Public Policy. 36(3): 323-341

Anthony E. Boardman; Claude Laurin; Mark A. Moore; Aidan R. Vining

A cost-benefit analysis of the privatization of Canadian national railway

2009 | Canadian Public Policy. 35(1): 59-83

Richard Schwindt; Mark A. Moore; Aidan R. Vining

Canadian-U.S. trade policy: An economic analysis of the softwood lumber case

2004 | American Behavioral Scientist. 23(4)

Mark A. Moore; Anthony Boardman; Aidan R. Vining; David L. Weimer; David H. Greenberg

Just give me a number! Practical values for the social discount rate

2004 | Journal of Policy Analysis and Management. 23(4): 789-812

Books, Book Chapters and Monographs

Mark A. Moore; Timothy C. Haab; John C. Whitehead


2014 | Environmental and Natural Resource Economics : An Encyclopedia.

Aidan R. Vining; Mark A. Moore; Anthony Boardman; John Richards; David H. Greenberg

The social discount rate in Canada

2001 | Building the Future: Issues in Public Infrastructure in Canada. 73-130

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